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Subject: Heap Big Stooopid in Texas

OK, Bart....I and another science teacher I know saw that 23% study and groaned!!

Note: 23% of Texans think Obama is a Muslim
Yes, I live in Lubuttocks, Texas...the buckle on the Bible Belt where Texas Tech is more 
conservative than Baylor. I went to can buy alcohol at the grocery store in Waco.
But...I'm doing my best to wipe out ignorance by teaching my students that humans and dinosaurs did not 
exist at the same time among other things. Can't teach comprehensive sex ed because they might then go 
and actually have sex, which they are already doing because we're number one in chlamydia!  (We're # 1!) 
The religious right has a strangle hold on the lege in Austin and they are trying to put a stop to real science, 
so I don't know how long I'll be teaching.
Any public school teacher who votes Republican is an idiot....that group alone probably explains a large 
portion of that 23% who believe Obama is Muslim. You oughta hear the redneck talk in the teacher's lounge! 
Some folks say it's a cultural religious thing. It used to not be that way back shortly after the Dust Bowl days.
Nevertheless, I am happy to report that I am seeing more Obama bumper stickers than McCain stickers. 
This place was wallpapered in W's five years ago. It was dangerous to say anything critical about Bush. 
I wouldn't say the tide is turning in West Texas, but one senses a change. We still have crazy ass Repubs 
out here, but I have it on good authority (some who are really close to Pickles) that quite a few reasonable 
Republicans out here are voting Obama....even those with strong ties to the Bush family.
I believe in the Bradley Effect, but I also believe in the Reverse Bradley Effect. How many 
husband-dominated Texas women are claiming they'll vote for McCain, like they've been 
ordered to, but when that curtain closes on the voting booth - will secretly vote for Obama?.

We're working hard to improve Texas. It's a big state. You know GW wasn't really a Texan no matter how 
he tried to claim it. Good to have a new village idiot claim the other biggest state in the union. Is she a true native Alaskan?
I love your site Bart, but be roots run deep in Okie territory. 
I know what kind of "brilliance" comes out of Lawton. I'll tell ya about it someday.

Traci The Science Teacher

Teaching science in Texas?
Traci, the Good Lord gave you a mountain :)

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