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Subject: Re: Helen Thomas, your bizarre interpretation of her remarks

Here is a link to the interview in which Helen Thomas made her infamous remarks.

Your interpretation of those remarks (that she was talking about "rich American Jews
who go to Israel and then complain about how their lives are in danger") is so bizarre
that I you must have been drunk and stoned when you wrote it. 

Oh no, I'll stand by that all day.

Not that there's anything wrong with that, but you watch that video
and check your remarks and then tell me how you made sense.
I should've known better to get involved in anything related to the insanity
that grips normal, logical people when the subject of Israel comes up.

When Helen said
'They should go home to Poland, Germany ...and America,"
are you suggesting
that Hitler had been putting Jewish Americans in his ovens?
How could a German Jew or a Polish Jew possibly "go home to America?"

If you suggest a Jew
"go home to America" what else could you be
talking about except rich Jews who could afford to migrate to Israel?

Arkansas played Ohio State last night in the Sugar Bowl. When the game was over,
if Helen Thomas said, "They should go back to Arkansas," you can't claim she meant
the Ohio State players.  Do you get my point?  Your assertion just won't fly.

Our lying whore media, when they played the Helen Thomas clips on the news
at the time, they cut the tape before she said the word "America" which was
calculated to make her look bad and get her fired.

Whatever your opinion of Helen Thomas and
the Israel vs Palestine problem,
you should join me in condemning our whore media which intentionally lies
and misleads
to please whichever news producer is their boss at the time.

If Rupert Murdoch says Obama was born in Kenya, what do you think his
employees are going to say on the air when asked where Obama was born?

They're going to go with the lie to make more money and save their jobs.
That's what you should join me in condemning.

I'm so old, I remember when honesty was part of journalism.



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