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Subject: I'm done with you


I've been following your site since Bush the first.  Over the years there have been a bunch of different times
when I've disagreed with your position on one issue or another.  In the past, I've laughed it off as just another
case of reasonable people disagreeing, but I think I've finally come to the end of my rope this time.

Sure, you can run away and remain ignorant.
Or, you could stick around and learn something that might help you.

Sorry, but I just can't abide reading crap by somebody who sees nothing wrong with extra-judicial summary
executions of people who could reveal interesting information in a trial setting...

Monkey, the way you wrote that, you just said you're OK with extra-judicial summary executions
if the suspect has no interesting information to reveal.  Did you put any thought into this e-mail?

...dropping nuclear weapons on Hiroshima and Nagasaki and revealing photos of celebrities' out-of-wedlock,
underage children, just for the purpose of sensationalism (it isn't that poor kid's fault that his mom was a slut)
yet here you are exposing him like a common criminal.

You think *I* outed Arnold's secret child? 
You can't be serious.
For two days, that kid was the biggest story in America, ...and I'm not supposed to mention him?

At this point, I really don't see a dimes worth of difference between you and the tea baggers;
you're both extremists who believe that the ends are justified by any means, including mass murder,
disrespect for the American legal system, and now even child cruelty.

There you go again - *I* broke this story?
Or did I comment on a story that all of America is talking about?
Where is your head, boy?

You are a man without any kind of moral code, respect for your fellow humans, humility, kindness
or scruples.  I swear to God that I'll never read your half-assed, poorly produced, horribly written,
ugly, hateful, un-American site again, nor will I patronize any of your ethically deprived advertisers.
 Heywood Jablowme

Having a screen name like Heywood Jablowme tells me you have a sense of humor, and that's good,

but a sense of humor won't help you if you suddenly find yourself facing a life-and-death decision.

It's rare, but there ARE times when shooting an unarmed man in the head is the right thing to do.
Same for war - civilians die in war - that can't be helped.  That's why a president should never
start a war
unless it's absolutely necessary.

Your third paragraph tells me you're one of those naive liberals who's taken a vow of non-violence.
In the real world, your goal should be to avoid violence unless it's absolutely necessary.

Let's say you're in a parking lot putting groceries in the trunk.  You're distracted and when
you turn back, you see a man helping your four year-old daughter into his van.

You've got maybe 30 seconds to act because you may never see your daughter again if you don't.

If you sit there like some Kumbaya liberal and tell yourself, "Violence is wrong," your daughter will
likely be raped for 48 hours and then murdered - buy you're certain that violence is wrong?

And I have no moral code because I'd use violence to stop a rapist
who's stealing my daughter?

You're flat-out crazy.

How could someone as crazy as you enjoy reading
If you'd put some simplistic bumper-sticker philosophy before the safety of your child
then you have no business of ever having any children.

If someone grabs your child and you're immediate concern is
respect for your fellow humans
I have to wonder what other weird-ass thoughts are bouncing around in your defective brain.

Your goal should be to avoid violence unless it's absolutely necessary.

When people are trying to kill you, you can't be concerned with
humility, kindness or scruples. 
Your political instincts are those of a child who's just had his first Holy Communion.

Kindness and respect are good things, but when someone pulls a knife on you,
you need to put that shit on the back burner and figure out how to stay alive.

Four final things:
Please don't have children until you come to the realization that you live in a dangerous world.

There is no God for you to swear to.

And what does it say about you that you spent YEARS reading a half-assed,
   poorly produced, horribly written, ugly, hateful, un-American site?

I don't believe for one second that you'll stop reading your favorite web site.
  Might as well face it - you're addicted to


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