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Subject: Hillary and nine Republicans

A press release from the American Freedom Campaign:

Obama signed the American Freedom Pledge yesterday, expressing his commitment to protecting 
and defending the Constitution. With Obama's pledge, all of the Democratic candidates except Hillary
have now either signed the pledge or have provided the American Freedom Campaign Action Fund with 
a detailed statement addressing the issues described in the American Freedom Campaign Agenda. 
(The full agenda is included at the bottom of this release.)

The American Freedom Campaign (AFC) Action Fund is encouraging all candidates to sign this pledge, 
the text of which is as follows:

"We are Americans, and in our America we do not torture, we do not imprison people without charge 
or legal remedy, we do not tap people's phones and emails without a court order, and above all we 
do not give any President unchecked power.

"I pledge to fight to protect and defend the Constitution from attack by any President."

Just to re-iterate: signers/supporters: Obama, Kucinich, Gravel, Edwards, Biden, Dodd, and Richardson. 
Paul (R) apparently signed something similar a while ago.

Non-signers: Clinton and nine Publicans. You do the math. And it seems to me to be 
something simple and totally non-reproachable (unless your preznit embarasses you.)

Dick P
Justice, then Peace

My president embarrasses me to the Nth degree every single day.

I'm not sure what you want me to say.
If all that happened like you say, I assume that Hillary has not made her thinking public
because you would've included her remarks in this e-mail, am I right?

So if she hasn't talked about it - how can I speak for her?
I never heard of this until now, but why assume the worst?

Don't you think she has a good reason for voting the way she did?

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