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Subject: Hillary by Kevin


Hillary lost because she spent all her money by Super Tuesday, and believed, mistakenly
that she could deliver a “knock out” blow by that date.  This, even though she and the
Big Dog knew that the delegates were distributed proportionally.

Maybe it would be more accurate to call that "a contributing factor."

Mark Penn, her pollster and advisor, did not know that though, and Harold Ickes and he had a big blow up
over it as the first primaries approached. Harold Ickes was the negotiator for Jesse Jackson who negotiated
proportional distribution of delegates back in 1988. Remember “what does Jesse want”?  That’s what he wanted.

But Hillary’s campaign was set up to go for broke by Super Duper Tuesday, Feb 5, and win all the big states
(CA, NY, NJ, etc) . When she basically fought Barack to a tie at that point, he had already invested in the next
round of primaries (DC, VA, MD) and organized at the grass level.   She had shot her wad.   He pulled ahead by
150 delegates in DC-VA-MD, and Hillary had to lend her campaign 10 Mil or so to keep going.

Then she became Susie Six Pack and Annie Oakley, and fought Barack to more ties, in terms of delegates gathered,
in PA, TX, NC, IN. But she lost by the margin of 150 that was picked up in the “Potomac Primary” in MD-VA-DC
on Feb 12. Barack played the long game and ate her lunch right there.

So, if she had Ickes, how could she have been so dumb? Everybody was afraid to talk to her and Bill
at points during the campaign, and Hill and Bill were only listening to a small circle of advisors.
Presidential campaigns are often signals of how a White House will work. Hill has some flaws as a listener.

And the GOP hate machine would have been all over her, just as it has Barack.
At least it had to catch its breath to figure out how to smear Barack.
Hillary came pre-smeared for them.

Listen, I gave Hill $1500 (a large proportion of my income) in July “07 (I have great pics of me, her, and Bill in
Terry McAulliff’s backyard fundraiser), and thought for sure she would win. But she lost through a dumb primary strategy.
Those “racist” comments might have hurt Bill’s pride, but they did not swing the election.
Being broke and without a plan between Feb 5 and Feb 12 for the Potomac Primary is what did her in.
 Kevin in Washington, DC

I don't think you can say that.
It's like "The stock market went down today because..."

FOX News (and the Pigboy) were building up Obama as "another JFK."
The whore media slammed Hillary at every stop and semi-gave Obama a pass.

Clearly, they didn't want to spend the next 4-8 years on old Clinton stories,
they wanted a new story to tell and Obama certainly was fresh and crisp and new.

Funny, nobody asked why Republicans, FOX News and Rush were pushing "America's most liberal senator."


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