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Subject: Hillary and AIPAC by crazy-as-a-blue-firetruck Richard

Dear BC:

I'll bet that good ol' Crazy-as-a-blue-firetruck Richard M most certainly DOES know a candidate
that "hasn't been bought by AIPAC" and won't "take us to war FOR Israel" and even has an 
acceptable "indebtedness to Israel vs the security of the United States."

Why, it's none other than Saint Ralph Nader (R-FL 2000 and R-VT 2000)

Ralph Nader, Richard M., and so many other people hate Israel as much as Hitler hated Jews. 
Of course, since a lot of Jews hate Israel too, Nader et al. LOVE Jews that hate Israel, 
but hate all other Jews (as well as all non-Jews that don't hate Israel adequately.)

One thing that "liberals" often seem to forget is that Israel is the only nation in the Mid East, 
the only nation in the HISTORY of the Mid East, where there are any liberal values,
respect for liberal values, and respect for liberals.

It is so damn simple to understand, that even a child can grasp it:

Fact One: The region of the Ottoman Empire known as "Palestine" was lost by the Ottoman Turks 
during WW One and signed over to England upon the Treaty of Versailles in 1919 (just as Saudi Arabia 
was signed over to the House of Saud, Egypt to this crazy, Iraq to that crazy, etc.)

Fact Two: The King of England GAVE 80% of the land to the local Arabs (and no-one ever seems
to question why) and called it "Transjordan" as in "across the Jordan River" (i.e. on the OTHER side 
of the Jordan River). In 1948, with United Nations approval, the nation of Israel was begun.

Fact Three: ALL of the neighboring Arab states declared war on Israel and invaded it 
with the publicly stated intent to kill every Jew in Israel. They lost.

Fact Four: in 1948 50,000 Arabs were FORCED to leave the new nation of Israel AND 
about 500,000 were "encouraged" to leave by the invading Arab armies, assured that 
they could return home as soon as all the Jews were killed.

Fact Five: Immediately thereafter, Transjordan "annexed" the "West Bank" (if they were Jewish 
we'd say they "grabbed" it.) And about 800,000 Jews throughout the Muslim world were FORCED 
to leave their homes; many relocated to Israel and set about building dams, wells, road, factories, 
hospitals, and schools. The "refugees" were denied entry into the surrounding Muslim nations; 
they set about building more Arabs, including a few terrorists.

Fact Six: Any Arab in the vicinity who EVEN CLAIMED to have lived in what-became-Israel 
for as little as 24 months was given life-long refugee status and assured that all their offspring 
would receive the same. (That's how 500,000 "refugees" have now become 5,000,000 "refugees" 
despite being "the victims of genocide."

Fact Seven: In 1964 the PLO was formed. The word "Palestinian" was (then and ONLY then) 
re-defined to mean "any Arab that claims to have any family history in any part of Israel. 
Here's your monthly check." This was 3 years before Israel took the land in Fact Seven, below. 
This raises the question, "What did the PLO want then?" The answer is obviously Israel.

Fact Seven: Neighboring Arab armies went to war with Israel again in 1956, and lost. 
And again in 1967, and lost. And again in 1973, and lost. Along the way, for defensive measures, 
the nation of Israel seized the strategically necessary Golan Heights, the "West Bank of Jordan", 
and the Gaza Strip, land which up to then had been controlled by Syria, Jordan, and Egypt, respectively. 
THIS was where the vast majority of the "Palestinian" refugees had been living since 1948.

Fact Eight: Historically, any nation that starts a war with another nation and loses the war has land 
taken from them by the intended victim (or FOR the intended victim if the aggressor is vanquished by 
a third party.) Anyone who disagrees should seek to immediately give the Kuril Islands back to Japan, 
Strahsbourg back to France, and Texas back to Mexico (actually that last one might not be such a bad idea ) 
Or, a better idea: how about the UK gives Northern Ireland back to Ireland? Or Pakistan leaves Kashmir? 
And by the way, what happened to the Buddhist Kingdoms of what is now Afghanistan? 

And the Christians of Egypt, Syria, and Iraq? Oh well, never mind. 
We're not supposed to ask questions like that. Let's talk about the Zio-NAZIS!

Fact Nine: Israel HAS given back land in exchange for peace treaties to Jordan AND Egypt. 
But Egypt did not WANT the Gaza Strip and Jordan did not WANT the West Bank. Why? 
Because they were filled with career-welfare, terrorist-coddling "Palestinians" and religiously-insane 
"Zionists" who'd rather grow sand and catch missiles in the middle-of-nowhere than live happily in 
New York or Miami Beach

Fact Ten: Israel is the only nation in history formed to SAVE LIVES. They saved over 100,000 black, 
African Jews from genocide in Ethiopia in the '80s and about 50,000 Arabic, Yeminite Jews from 
genocide in the '50s. Look it up. If any Israel-bashing, so-called "liberal" can cite ANY other time
in history where any nation has gone to another to save black people or Arabs from genocide, 
I'd LOVE to know about it.

Here's a news flash from Richard M and his ilk: most American politicians ARE on the side of protecting
Israel from destruction for the same reason that most American politicians are in favor of school lunch 
vouchers for low-income students, protecting national forests, and regulating the alcohol industry: because 
it's the right thing to do. Al Franken, Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, Al Gore, Bill Clinton, John Edwards, 
Barack Obama AGREE WITH Newt, DeLay, Schwartzenegger, Giuliani, Bush, Cheney, Dole, Helms, 
and Thurmond in this case. Just like they all agree that we should all breath oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide.

I would like it to be known (but of course the whacky Israel bashers won't believe it anyway) 
that I am neither Jewish nor Christian, but I am proud to a liberal and I'm proud to be a Zionist.

And no, Richard M: Obama is not Hillary's "Nader."

RALPH NADER is Hillary AND Obama's "Nader." 
He's going to do it again, didn't you hear?

AND: really, Israel is the (nutty fringe) Left-Wing's "Hillary." 
The NF Left-Wing hates Israel just like the GOPers hate Hillary.

It really is crazy to see Ralph Nader, Cynthia McKinney, David Duke, and Pat Buchanon 
hold hands and rally around the "Let's Blame Everything On Israel" bonfire.

All the Israel bashers have are sound bites, memes a la "The Apartheid Wall." As if the Wall didn't 
all but END the merciless campaign of suicide bombs ushered in with the "Current Intifada." Then there's 
"Israel has killed more Palestinians than Palestinians have killed Israelis" as if that MEANT something. 
Hitler lost more men than us in WW2; were we also wrong? (I guess that depends on whether one asks 
the Nader version of the talking-head Israel basher of the David Duke variety.) Then there's the old 
"LAND GRAB! LAND GRAB!" as if over 80% of ALL NATIONAL borders were not defined by wars. 
And the "STATELESS PEOPLE! STATELESS PEOPLE!" rant that totally ignores the brutish fact
of history: after WW2, over FIFTY-MILLION people had to move, including over 10 million into and 
out of Indian/Pakistan/Bangladesh. (and, don't forget, about 800,000 Jews FROM their Muslim 
homelands INTO Israel and they're not supposed to want to "settle" lands taken back from 
Muslim nations that chased them there with the intent to massacre them?

Listening to these manipulative, selectively-outraged, selectively-pro-human-rights, Israeli-bashing shitheels 
bitch and moan about Israel (while ignoring, say, the Sudan, where 2 MILLION people have been genocided 
in the last 25 years, compared to less than 10,000 in and around Israel) is an exercise in begging the question. 
When they say "Israel is the worst example of human rights atrocities", "Israel is in violation of United Nations 
order number " or "Ariel Sharon is the most evil, blood-thirsty, ." it means about as much to me as 
"Slick Willie HATES the military, hates America, and wants to make all your children gay," 
"Hitlery is an evil, terrible woman that put glass peters and crack pipes on the Whitehouse Christmas tree" 
and "When Clinton was with Lewinsky, he wasn't just with her. He was with YOUR daughter; he was
with EVERY daughter in America."

The suicide of the deranged, hateful Rachel Corrie stirs my passion to the same degree
as hearing Jerry Falwell hawk his "Clinton Chronicles."

Bart, PLEASE withhold my email address; 
I don't want to get any more emails accusing me of drinking the blood of Palestinian children .

Keep swinging the hammer looks like were in for a wild
- but ultimately successful - ride the next eighteen months.
 Kj in Flori-DUH

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