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Subject: Hillary and Scaife 

Hey Bart,  what's your take on Hillary sitting down with the man who underwrote the Arkansas Project?

I've given Hillary a pass on one thing after another in this campaign. 
Politics is politics, after all, right?  But not this. 

Oh, please.

WE -- people like you and me -- went to the mat for Hillary and her husband 
against these scum in the nineties, and now she sits down and makes nice with them? 
In order to advance her attacks on a fellow Democrat? 

I know you're a hard-core Hillary supporter, 
but I really need to know how (if) you can justify this.

Toast, I hate to presume, but I don't think those are your words.
Wednesday, Sam Ceder filled in for Randi Rhodes, and he read those exact words 
from the TPM website, where Josh Marshall went of his hissy for no damn reason.

Yes, the people who all-but want Hillary dead feel oh-so betrayed by this?
Are their hearts broken by this terrible betrayal?  
I don't buy it - it's the same old handjob if you ask me.

I glanced at the TPM hatchet job, but besides that, I know nothing about this.
Scaife owns a paper in PittsburgH, maybe she did it for the coming PA campaign.

And really?
You gave Hillary a pass on everything - but this is going too far?

Sounds suspiciously like the guy who was reading  for 5 years, then,
just as he was about to make his very first donation, he stumbled onto one thing he didn't 
like out of 70 sections of the page that day, and that one thing so outraged him, he just 
had to write and let me know how very close I was to "fooling" him into donating.

When Josh whined about "Hillary couldn't wait to sucker-punch poor Obama when 
he was having trouble with his pastor problem," a classier, fairer page might've read, 
"Not wanting to be seen as piling on, Hillary waited ten days before she weighed in 
on Obams's race problems," but who expects fair treatment when the story is about the Clintons?

And who thinks this is the first time Bill and Hillary have met with the bastard who financed 
that "Trooper-gate" fraud that the whore press ate with a Texas-sized spoon?

I have no idea why, but during Bill's two terms, the White House needed new china
and apparently nobody but Scaife was willing to pony up the dough for that new china,
so Scaife did and Bill and Hillary invited Scaife to a White House dinner to say thanks.

To some, that's a classy way to treat some soulless bastard who cheated to try to defeat you.
To others, it's the ultimate betrayal that can never be forgiven.

Sidebar: Scaife paid David Brock $80,000 to talk to those Judas troopers.
The Judas troopers got $80,000 to tell tall tales to Brock. Everybody knows this, 
but it's more fun (and sells more papers) to pretend those stories were true.
If somebody on our side financed a hit job on a sitting president, they'd have to leave the country.

The Clintons have been fucked so hard and so long by our lying-whore media,
nobody can even tell what a fair story looks like anymore.

And just a reminder:
If the Clintons end up losing this battle, and it seems they might, remember the fight was 
the Clintons against the Republicans AND half the Democrats AND all Lefty bloggers AND the whore media.

What will Obama do when he's in a fair fight 
What will Obama do when it's not three against one?

What will Obama do when Tim the Whore and Chris the Screamer and Wolf the Whore start acting 
like the Democrat-hating sons-of-bitches they really are, instead of like Obama's co-campaign chairmen?

What will Obama do when Rush and Sean and O'Reilly and Peggy Noonan and Pat Buchanan
and all the rest change their tune 180 degrees and start screaming, "Obama is a Muslim?"

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