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Subject: Hillary And The Sniper Fire

Although our enlightened press corps has moved on, digging through 
45-minute speeches when necessary to find a single word they don't like 
so they can replay that one word on the endless 24/7 news merry go round, 
someone should point out how snipers work in the real world.

See, there won't be a hail of bullets when there is a sniper around. 
They work with a spotter to take a hidden position where they lie in wait, 
for hours, even days. They have trained to be highly accurate over long distances, 
even thousands of yards*. They usually fire a single shot and then must retreat 
or take a new position since the shot betrays their position.

So, when you land in an area where there has been sniper fire, 
there will not be tracers flying through the air and the smell of 
gunsmoke as imagined by the giggling press corps. Every few hours, 
someone falls to the ground, mortally wounded and you may not even 
hear the shot until seconds later. A wise sniper does not shoot at all 
unless he has a clear shot, because one shot is all he gets.

It's truly psychological war - when we do it. 
When the other side does it, it's called terrorism.

*Sgt. Grit (2006). Marine Corps Sniper Carlos N. Hathcock II. 
Retrieved on 2008-03-24. "Viet Cong shot dead by a round fired 
from a scope-mounted Browning M-2 .50 caliber machine gun 
at the unbelievable range of 2500 yards." 

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