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Subject: your Hillary problem


As a loyal Democrat voter, let me put to rest something that seems to divide you and your loyal fan base.

First of all, it's strange that you argue on about 'reality' and 'common sense' even when it's evident that you 
become blindly devoted to people (think Shirley and now Hillary) at the expense of everything else. 

Is there a chance in 10,000 that you can make that allegation stick?

In Shirley's case, it matters nothing because, well, the choice is personal preference and it's inconsequential.


In Hillary's case it is lethal. 

You're right about that, but for the wrong reason.

Why?  Because people ... just ... don't ... like ... her. 

No, the fact is more people like her than any other Democrat
and some people, I'm guessing you're included, can't accept that.
Is it your position that she's not the front-runner?

She is divisive.  She is self-absorbed.  She has a bad image. 

Translation: You don't like her.

And She doesn't have the 'common touch' or whatever you wish to call it that draws people to a candidate.

Those are gratuitous assertions.
I could say you are all those things - would that make it true?
Doesn't it bother you that the majority of Democrats disagree with you?

Doesn't it bother you, even at this early stage, that so many Democrats don't like her? 

She's the front-runner - by far.
You're asking me to ignore reality.
Let me ask: When the Yankees are in first place, do you call them losers, too?

Since I was raised Catholic, I recognize that some numbers are bigger than others.
She's got a big lead and she's going to be president.
How is that "blind devotion?"

You've spent so much time defending her on one web site; 
can you imagine how it will be on the national stage? 

I can't imagine what it would be like to have an opinion that people agreed with.
I can't imagine what it would be like to have an opinion that people accepted..

And no, she's not the front runner because she's liked. 
It's that way because she has WAY MORE MONEY than many of the other candidates 
put together, as well as a huge pre-established network from her husband's presidential days.

So - you admit she's the front-runner.
Why do I catch hell for saying that the favorite has the best chance to win?

If she runs, we will lose.  Yes we will.  So let this obsession go. 

Yes Sir - sorry for not agreeing that long shots have a better chance..

Pick up someone else or just let the issue rest. 
But in case you care, I think Bill Richardson is unbeatable. 

He is ...

1- Male.  It's safe.
2- White.  Also safe.  But he's also ..
3- Part hispanic.  Will get a chunk of votes.
4- Pro-business.  Gotta love that
5- Governs a border state affected by immigration.  Gives credibility on a major current issue.
6- Articulate and likable.
7- Untainted by prior baggage, ie. failed previous bids, scandal, sick spouse, etc.
8- Economically successful.  New Mexico has prospered insanely well on his watch.

I like Bill, but I don't think he's reached 2 percent in the polls yet.

The list goes on, but I'll stop here. 
Wouldn't want the <much snippage> tag.

Your fan,
Ray in California 

Ray, it's always nice to hear from a fan.

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