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Hillary's 3 AM Phone Call Ad

Have you seen Hillary's latest TV ad?

"It's 3 AM and the White House phone rings - there's a crisis 
somewhere in the world - who do you want to pick up the phone?"

She's trying to get America to realize that in 2000 we (sorta) elected the less-qualified guy
who we think it would be fun to have a beer with - and how'd that turn out?

She's trying to make people get serious about this election, and what happens?
Obama denounced the ad as "fear mongering," and the whore media that are
over-infatuated with Obama's greatness echoed that ridicule 24/7 and that's that.

Every word out of Hillary's mouth is "race-baiting" or "fear-mongering,"
and she can't get any traction while the media roots for the fresh-faced newcomer.

The whole campaign has been like this.

Every time Obama says "Yes we can," the media swoons over his greatness,
but when Hillary reminds people we're not picking a prom date, the whore media attacks.

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