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Subject: Hiroshima and Nagasaki

I can't believe you're having arguments about the value of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. 
I especially can't believe you're having arguments about whether or not bin Laden is dead.
Before we dropped the bombs on H and N, Japan had made it perfectly clear to us that
there would be no surrender and that as soon as they retooled, they'd be right back at it. 

That's what they told us, I suppose we shouldn't have believed them. 
Further, we were killing a lot more people by fire bombing the country every day than were
killed by the A-bombs.  Further, the military estimates were that we'd lose a million men in
an effort to invade (not counting the Japanese). 

I don't know how you can look at those facts and say that Truman made a bad call. 
Further, I think it's one of those decisions that no one took comfort in.  I don't think he
was laughing when he pushed the button.  Basically what you have here is people with
no real sense of history arguing that people three generations ago made bad decisions.
And Obama isn't really dead?  Really? 
Three of his wives say he's dead and was killed right in front of them. 
Pakistan says he's dead, and boy are they pissed. 
Al Qaeda says he's dead (but how would they know?). 
And, I guess, the claim is that Obama got all these people in on the conspiracy????
Bart, that argument makes birthers look sane.

Geezer, someone wrote and said "Japan offered to surrender IF they could keep their Emporer.
The US said no, but Japan essentially got what they wanted after we dropped the two bombs."

That's why I made the 9-11 comment.

If we don't know what happened 10 years ago - live on our TV -
how can we trust the "news" that's 65 years old?

Unless it's in Truman's Autobiography, how does anyone know what was offered or declined?
And even if it's in Truman's book, he surely told the story the way he wanted it remembered.

Subject: Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Over the years, I've been of two minds about those bombs.
I've held your opinion - that it saved the lives of a million US soldiers.
I also believe that it was wrong to do. I can't reconcile those two thoughts.

I think saving a million lives speaks for itself.
Remember, they drew us into this war - probably.
But you asked for another option for Truman, so here's one - they should have dropped
a bomb just offshore, maybe on a tiny, uninhabited or sparsely populated island.

The bomb would have leveled the island, maybe even erased it from the map.
That would have sent the message we wanted to send, but with a minimal loss of life.
All Truman had to do was send a follow-up cable to the emperor, "Next one falls on your house."

To use your metaphor, if someone is breaking into your house, you don't have to shoot them.
You only have to shoot at them to achieve the desired results.  

Personally, I don't think the military would have allowed Truman to drop a bomb
on an unpopulated area. They wanted revenge. Maybe Harry did, too.


It's my understanding we only had the two bombs.
Exploding one offshore would've left us with one.

Until I see good evidence to the contrary, I'm with Harry on this call.



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