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  It was certainly musical history in 1984 - 27 years ago - when Madonna shocked America
 with her writhing around and dry-humping the stage floor in that super-hot wedding dress. 
 I'm old enough to have seen it live and I'm telling you younger kids it was fucking scandalous, what she did.
 Today, anyone with a computer can watch superstars having sex, but in 1984, this was almost porn.

  Watch it Live

 I think the phrase "water cooler talk" was invented the next morning as millions of people said, "Did you see that?"

 This was the performance that put Madonna on the world's map.
 This is so old, it pre-dates Live Aid, where Madonna (and U2) got even bigger.

 My guess is this is one of MTV's biggest events ever, along with the premier of
 Michael Jackson's Thriller video and MJ's live moonwalking "for the very first time."

 Do you remember seeing this live?
 Got any thoughts you'd like to share?

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