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Subject: Honda vs American

Here's the thing: When there are flaws, Honda will recall them.
American manufacturers will deny deny deny until the warranty runs out, then charge thousands.

See, for instance, Dodge Intrepids with the 2.7 litre engine.
See also anyone who's owned a Taurus that's eaten its transmission.
See also front wheel bearings on the Pontiac Aztec.

It's not just the car (Hondas have no soul, but by cloud-being they run), but the dealers and the denial game.

That said, cars bought new and cars bought used are two different things.
I wouldn't think twice about financing a used Honda. But a used Ford? No freakin' way.
There's a good chance I'll end up with a car I owe thousands on AND have to pay $2500 to fix.

I've read too many horror stories about people who bought American cars used and found out
that they fall apart at 70,000 miles and who get stranded for the crime of being poor.
  Rob in Rockland, ME

Rob, I can identify with that bold sentence.
If you're poor, you're stuck buying a piece of crap for, say, $5000.
Six months later it blows the transmission or the engine and the repair bill is $2,000.

Do you pay the $2000 to fix the piece of crap (that you still owe $4000 on)
or try to scrape up enough cash to put down on a diff piece of junk?

But, if you can scrape up enough money to buy a 3-5 year old Accord or Camry,
and it blows the transmission or the engine and the repair bill is $2,000 - pay the $2000
because you might get another 200K out of it.

That's the difference.

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