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Subject: You should honor your promise

Yo, Bart 
Ex Hillary supporter here.

I gave my first donation to Obama the moment Gov. Wolfslayer concluded her RNC speech.  
I was impressed at how Obama outplayed Hillary, 

ha ha
Stop it.
How would Obama have fared if he had to fight the Republicans AND the media AND half the Democrats?
He's got his hands full trying to beat the protege of the Worst President F-ing Ever.

...and I think you should be impressed with Obama's current rope-a-dope. 

Oh, really?
When's the last time "lying back and taking it" won a campaign?

His counter punching has to be measured due to the racial dynamic of this race, but it has made 
the numbers move following one of the greatest political publicity stunts in history, the Palin nomination. 
Boobis Americanis was bound to be fascinated with her shapely package of God, Guns, and Dominion. 
That shiny bauble has faded in luster and is now a drag on the ticket.

You and I see it that way - but what about the Cromags?
They seem very impressed with June Cleaver.

Obama's has been putting McCain on D every day since 9-15, and now Florida and NC are back on the table. 
My bet is he is up 7 points and poking around 300 solid electoral votes by Oct. 2.

Dude, I hope you're right.

You made a promise to back the Dem. nominee 100% on far more than one occasion.
The content and tone of your work don't seem to honor that promise.
I wish it would. 

I never promised to avoid the truth.
I never promised to become a cheerleader for a guy who's not punching.
But all sane people want Obama and I'm in that group.

An echo chamber is not necessary. But, please get behind change.
Health and peace to you and yours.

I edited your horseshit ending - you're lucky I'm in a good mood today.

I have a fantastic new Jimmy Page guitar solo stuck in my head and it's f-ing wonderful.
It's playing non-stop and it's almost like a never-ending orgasm.

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