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Subject: "BC Hotties"... why I'll never send money

Seriously... has your Hotties section gotten you a dime?  If you're going to sleaze, why stop now?
If this section of your site has reaped anything, why not sleaze it down further?

Every picture of a fully-clothed pretty girl is sleaze?
I can't imagine what kind of hell you're stuck in.

Does your head explode when you see a cheerleader on a TV football game?
Does your chest get tight walking past the magazine rack at the airport?
Do you require medical attention when you see a girl in a short skirt?

There are many pics on the internet of the "stars" you feature with a nip-slip or panty-shot.
Surely that will get you another couple of bucks.

What's your problem with a picture of a fully-clothed pretty woman?

Didn't mind the end-of-page Shirley pics, but the BCH stuff is crap.
Let it go, class yourself back up.
Just a thought,
 C Wilson

Broadcast TV is dripping with porn compared to what's in Bartcop Hotties.

Tell you what: Don't send me any money.

Use it to pay a psychiatrist and maybe you can find out why
a picture of a fully-clothed beautiful woman affects you this way.

BTW, if you're a dude, how'd your wedding night go?

I feel sorry for you.
Have you considered moving to Saudi Arabia?
They think women are disgusting to look at, too.

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