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How we get out of this mess...

I say the only way out of this mess is for Obama to take a step back.
Maybe he can be VP, but probably not, but we can't win in November
if we're divided and we can't win without Obama's people - so what's left?

If we go any other way, we're in for a third Bush term with McCain.

Worse, Obama could get the blame for that - ruining his chances for the future.
One thing's for sure - Hillary's not backing down and she won't settle for VP.
Her strongest suit - unlike Gore and Kerry - is she's a fighter who won't surrender.
That's why we like her - she's not going to quit fighting like Gore and Kerry did.
She's intensely and single-mindedly got her eyes set on the White House this year.

I can hear you asking - "Why does Obama have to step back?"
Because he's young and he's got a future. Hillary's future is now.
Besides, Obama could use 8 years in the White House to get prepared.

I see no other option and if you think about it, you night agree with me.
Besides asking for four more Bush years, what other option do we have?

I'd like to read your opinion, but only if you can write like an adult.
If your answer is "Screw you, Bart," that means you're 9 years old like Bush.
But if you have something intelligent to say about this - let me hear from you.

Maybe we'll do a "Special Issue" when every adult comment is printed.

Understand - we, you and I as Democrats, have a serious problem.
We're either going to win this year or we're not.

You can say, "If I can't have Obama, I'd rather have 4 more years of Bush,"
but that would only be proof of your insanity so why go there?

We have to do something because she's going for broke.
Personally, I think Obama is to blame for causing this rift because it's
been assumed for years that Hillary would make her run in '08, but Obama
got froggy and decided to attack the two most popular people in our party
and that's what created the rift that could give us four more years of Bush.

Somebody has to step back.
If they don't, this could be the last presidential run for BOTH of them
Is this Obama's only shot?   Or does he have a future in politics?

I say we bench our first round draft pick
and let our all star have her final shot.

Got an adult opinion you'd like to share?

If you send me childish, hysterical e-mail,
don't get mad if it turns into Monkey Mail.

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