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Subject: Hillary's race card

Bart: Thanks for the laughs and insights over the years. I feel that when Hillary threw the sink at Obama
part of it hit me. Remember that sinking, lonely feeling you felt when you realized that a considerable portion
of our country had no problem with pre-emptive war, torture and the destruction of our constitution as national policy?

Well I get that same feeling when the Clinton campaign uses race as an issue in her race for the nomination.

I feel they are pushing race relations back to the 1950's.
Her surrogates sounded exactly like George Wallace to me.

I've asked, probably fewer than 100 times, what "racist" things the Clintons have said and I've yet to hear
an answer that I felt rang true.  The answer usually is, "You know what Clinton meant in Carolina."
Maybe you're the guy who can straighten me out?

This was clearly unexpected on my part, since this part of the Clinton's nature had never been apparent before.
Bill was actually considered by The African American community the first black president. This is what I Iiked
about Bill, his inclusiveness and his sanity. Was it just an act?

Have you been listening to Big Eddie or Randi?
Or maybe you're favorite TV guys are Chris Matthews and Olbermann?
If so, that might explain all this "racism" you've been seeing and hearing.
I sure wish you were the guy who could straighten me out.

Pretty much every waking hour I have not at work is spent on blogs such as yours, canvassing, marching,
vigiling and organizing to change things in this country. Hillary tells me my state doesn't count in the nomination process.

That's hard to address since you haven't mentioned what state you're in.
Assuming you're from MI or FL,  you might be confused over which
candidate decided that your vote didn't count.

Democratic activists don't count as voters. Move-on doesn't count, despite the fact
that it was created to support her husband. Maybe Obama is right, we do need change.

Best Regards,

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