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  Subject: Mike Huckabee is Dangerous




Something everybody should know about Huckabee and his crazy religious logic.
No one from the press talks about this anymore...and they should. Huckabee is a danger to us all.

Huckabee, a Baptist minister, thought Wayne Dumond, a convicted rapist deserved another chance.
When the board paroled Dumond in January 1997, he had been in prison since 1985 for the rape of
Ashley Stevens, a Forrest City high school student.

The board made Dumond’s parole conditional upon his moving out of state, but initially authorities
in Florida, Texas, and other states declined to allow him to move there. Dumond was finally released
in October 1999, when he moved to DeWitt to live with his stepmother.

In August 2000, Dumond moved to Smithville, Mo., a rural community outside Kansas City.
He had married a woman from the community who was active in a church group that had visited
Dumond in prison and believed him to be innocent. Terry Sue met Dumond while he was in prison
in Arkansas, visiting him as part of a church group which supported his release from prison.

Only six weeks after Dumond moved to Missouri, Carol Sue Shields, of Parkville, Mo., was found
murdered in a friend’s home. She had been sexually assaulted and suffocated. In late June 2001,
Missouri authorities charged Dumond with the first-degree murder of Shields. The Clay County, Mo.,
prosecutor’s office asserted that skin found under Shield’s fingernails, the result of an apparent struggle
with her murderer, contained DNA that matched Dumond’s. Missouri authorities also say that Dumond
is the leading suspect in the rape and murder of a second woman, Sara Andrasek, of Platte County, Mo.,
though he has not yet been charged with that crime. Andrasek was 23.

Like Shields, Andrasek had her brassiere cut from her body; Dumond cut Stevens’ bra off before he raped her.
“It’s as if he wanted to leave us his calling card,” a Missouri law enforcement officer said.

After Dumond was released Huckabee denied having a hand in it, though parole board members
said otherwise — he was convicted of raping and murdering another woman.

Huckabee was busy blaming DuMond’s eligibility for parole on former Arkansas Governor Jim Guy Tucker,
and said the Post Prison Transfer Board made the decision on its own to free Dumond.

However, in the September 1, 2005 Arkansas Times story, the paper claims that Huckabee and a key aide
played a role in DuMond’s release. “It was a process marked by deviation from accepted parole practice and
direct personal lobbying by the governor, in an apparently illegal and unrecorded closed-door meeting with
the parole board (the informal name by which the Post Prison Transfer Board is known).” Board members
involved in an executive session with Gov. Huckabee quoted Huckabee as saying DuMond got a “raw deal,”
as reported by a board member who was there.

More on Wayne Dumond from CBS News

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