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Subject: Chuck's JFK/Dallas Analysis

Hey Bart,

Chuck's analysis of the JFK evidence brings up an interesting point: 
Who in their right mind would leave such an important investigation to the local cops? 

Because the Dallas Ploice had jurisdiction, all of the evidence, including the body of JFK, 
should have been in its custody.  Normally, there would have been an autopsy in Dallas under 
the scrutiny of the World's press.  Instead, someone ordered JFK's body back to Washington 
over the objections of the Dallas Police and in violation of Texas law.  And we know how that turned out.  
Who decided to take JFK's body back to Washington is an unanswered question.

Also, you said "If you want to talk about massive fuckups, who'd let a president ride in a convertible?" 
JFK actually made that decision himself, not for security reasons but because the expected rain didn't materialize.  
Otherwise he would have ridden with a bubble top on the convertible.

Jim may be right in saying that the Mob didn't kill JFK, but I'm not sure that anyone really knows where the 
secret government stops and organized crime begins.  At that time, Carlos Marcello was the Boss of New Orleans. 
RFK had Justice Department goons kidnap Marcello and drop him in a Guatemalan jungle 20 miles from civilization 
with no money and no shoes.  It seems to me that Mr. Marcello would have wanted at least a little revenge for this 
and so I assume that, at the least, the Mob signed off on the JFK assassination.

Best regards,

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