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Subject: my take on this year's Idol

Hi Bart,

I have watched, "American Idol" since Season 2, and consider it a real, 'family' show 
because we all watch it, my kids, myself, and now even the gks!

Unfortunately, I am having a hard time this season. 
I was so wowed by Adam Lambert last season, the bar has been set pretty high. 
I find myself comparing each contestant with him - and so far, none are even coming close for voice, performance, and style!

Simon told us that, "The girls have it this year." Well, you could fool me from what I saw on Tuesday night. 
I didn't see any of them that knocked my socks off for sure. 

Maybe what Simon meant was - the guys are so lame, surely a woman will win this year.

I did like Shabon Magnus ("I'll Never Fall In Love Again") but that could be that I like the song. 
Also noted, 'Crystal' (didn't catch the last name, but she had the raggae braids and played the guitar and harmonica). 
You see with me, IT'S THE VOICE!
I know they are looking for the 'package,' but I am looking for the talent.

I'm a big fan of the package.
There's a good reason why Carrie Underwood will sell 100M more albums than Ruben Studdard.


Remember, Idol is NOT a singing competition.
It's a TV program designed to generate money and sex always sells.

Which is why, I thought the guys had it all over the ladies. John Park (Korean) has a very good voice. 
Okay, he's a little dead pan, but good nevertheless. Tyler Grady was good ("American Woman") but, as with Shabon,
it could have been the song. 

Wasn't it funny when John made his pitch for Shania Twain?
(Weeks ago, Shania was guest judge and she said John had "a nice bottom." 
  John took that to heart and he's using the Idol airwaves to beg Shania to date him :)

I did enjoy Jermain Sellers (he did backup for Michael Jackson) because I like gospel-type singers, and I think he held his own there.
I'd say the real breakthrough for the night was that cutie, Casey James.  Blond, buff and whoa, talented - rocked my boots
(as well as Kara's...) Something about him that sets him apart of the pack.

I think Casey James has the best shot for the men, but doesn't he need a makeover?
Really, they ALL need makeovers - new hair, makeup and wardrobe. 
Carrie was a 5 or a 6 when she auditioned, now she's a 9 or 10.

One last point here, I could do WO Ellen on the panel. 
I love her, but she knows about as much about music as I do - her comments are pointless. 
Let's face it, we all wait for the comments of Simon...

I was never a big Ellen fan (lost an early pillar for having that opinion) but then I grew to like her
but Idol is reminding me why I didn't like her again.  Did you see Goodfellas?  They had a 
mob character called Johnny Two Times, named that because he said everything twice.

That's what Ellen does, but she says stuff THREE times, probably because she's nervous.
She's say, "I love your confidence but you gotta work on your tone. Your tone needs some work 
but I love your confidence, but work on that tone thing because I really like your confidence,"
and I'm like, "OK, Ellen, you can stop talking now. You've made your point three times!"

When you watch next week, think of me when Ellen starts to three-peat herself. 

That being said, however, I hate it when Simon calls out the anticipated demise for any performer on the show. 
The performers pay his salary, at least afford them some respect.

We'll know the results by the time you read this - and if they agree with me!
 Till next time,
 Sally P :)

Simon being mean is the main draw for a lot of people.
If he showed the kids some respect, they wouldn't have as many viewers.

No telling how much the Olympics is affecting the ratings but they're WAY down.
Just a year or two ago, Idol was drawing 30M viewers.
Last week they drew 18M.

Thanks for the review - I hope you can do it weekly.

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