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Sally's Idol Review

Last week four more contestants went home. Quick! Can you name them? Okay, can you even remember them?? 
I'll give you a hint: 2 teens (boy and girl), the sex bomb, and the token Asian guy, all gone - NOW do you remember them??
Well, going forward, this week IS very important because it’s the contestants’ only shot to enter the finals. 
Let's proceed with the remaining 16 contestants:
The Girls
1 Katie Stevens, "Break Away" (Kelly Clarkson). Randy said it, "Paled in comparison" to Kelly... 
I say, it’s not because Katie has a bad voice. She doesn't. But unfortunately, she doesn't stand out either; 
she's become a blank slate contestant. Not the way to go...
2 Siobhan Magnus, "House of the Rising Sun" (Animals). Siobhan opens the first half of the performance a capella
- whoa, pure voice - nice job. I knew Siobhan had the power, but I didn't realize how much technique she holds 
as a vocalist. I don't care what Simon says here,
I think the girl is awesome!
3 Lacey Brown, "The Story" (Brandi Carlile). The judges seemed to like her, but I don’t get how she's still here. 
I find her - weird-looking, and even worse, boring!
4 Katelyn Epperly, "I feel the Earth Move" (Carol King). Katelyn is a nice-looking girl, has a great voice and is adorable. 
Even so, it still might not be enough to get her votes. Carol King is OUT nowadays, and no one bothered to tell poor Katelyn...
5 Didi Benami, “Rhiannon” (Fleetwood Mac). Standing there, accompanying herself on the guitar, it dawned on me
- her voice irks me, as does she...
6 Paige Miles, "Smile" (Charlie Chaplin), made me want to shoot myself. The song did NOTHING for her, 
and her inciped reason for choosing the song, "I really love Michael Jackson," drove the stake into my heart... 
Dear God, send that child home where she belongs...
7 Chrystal Bowersox, "Give Me One Reason" (Tracy Chapman). She is the clear front-runner and doesn't show 
any signs of faltering or slowing down. I wondered why she felt the need to sit-down when in front of the judges
- I hope her health isn't failing her now? She's just de bomb!
8 Lilly Scott, "I Fall To Pieces" (Patsy Cline).
While performing there, playing her mandolin, I decided that while it was probably the wrong song for the night, 
I still like HER! Loved Kara's line: "She made Patsy current..." Good one, Kara...
The Boys
1 Lee Dewyze, “Fireflies” (Adam Young, Owl City). My dark horse was sure stable-bound tonight! 
His folksy song was NOT a huge “Wow,” but a good vocal - and he's still got a shot in my book... 
2 Alex Lambert, “Trouble” (Ray LaMontagne). Okay, anyone else notice that he's singing the song completely out of his nose? 
Or, that he's a pretty good double for a young Paul McCartney? I guess he did a decent job with his number. 
But, while I like the song, do I enjoy the boy who's singing it? Hummmmm.
3 Tim Urban, “Hallelujah” (Leonard Cohen, Jeff Buckley's version). I'm on to you, Timmy boy - you're just tapping 
into the religious voters while trying not to alienate the others... I still do not like this guy, and he has definite performance issues!!
4 Andrew Garcia, “Genie in a Bottle” (Christina Aguilera). Randy likes Andrew's cardigan - the "Dog look!" 
Yeah, that's about it for me as well...
5 Casey James, “You'll Think of Me” (Keith Urban) It didn't totally rock my world, but it was a simple, honest, 
and most of all, strong performance. Somewhat forgettable song, but Casey's just unforgettable to his fans...
6 Aaron Kelly,  “I'm Already There”
(Lonestar). Even though he is only 16 years old, his performance just screamed, "wedding singer."  T
hat being said, at least at the wedding he wouldn't be sitting there like a lump - on the steps, boring everyone to death...ya know??
7 Todrick Hall, (Hail Mary pass) “Somebody to Love” (QUEEN)! After seeing other, 'Idols' attempting to sing Queen
(save Adam Lambert who nailed it big time), I've decided that none of them understand how great a singer was Freddie Mercury
– and how difficult it is to do one of his songs! Simon thought it was good in parts, but thinks pretentious Todrick is more of a, 
"Broadway singer" than a recording artist. Huh? And what's wrong with, "Broadway" over 'recording artist?' 
Oh yeah, Simon would not making any money from it...

 Michael “Big Mike” Lynche, “This Woman's Work” (Maxwell). Ooh, baby! Well-deserved 'pimp' spot - 
Big Mike can sing! He had wicked high riffs, cool foot work, the down-home gospel sound - and this guy's 
got big-time stage presence! Yes, indeed, he's the guy to beat!!

(You have to admit, Kara crying was a bit over the top – like she's been drinking from Paula's cup tonight. 
What's up with that??)

Tonight we'll know the "Top 12" (the 'real' start of the show) and although no "Adams," this time, 
I guess I've been sucked in. See ya next time,


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