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iPhone is spying on you
They steal your secrets, send info to others


Your smart phone applications are watching you — much more closely than you might like.

Lookout Inc., a mobile-phone security firm, scanned nearly 300,000 free applications for Apple's iPhone
and phones built around Google Inc.'s Android software. It found that many of them secretly pull
sensitive data off users' phones and ship them off to third parties without notification.

That's a major concern that has been bubbling up in privacy and security circles.

The data can include full details about users' contacts, their pictures and Internet and search histories.
The third parties can include advertisers and companies that analyze data.

The information is used by companies to target ads and learn more about their users.
The danger is that the data become vulnerable to hacking and use in identity theft if
the third party isn't careful about securing information.

Lookout reported its findings in conjunction with the Black Hat computer security conference in Las Vegas

Are you familiar with the Vanessa Hudgens nude cell phone pictures?

One would assume she sent those ONLY to her boyfriend, Zac somebody.
Since they are still together, one would assume she doesn't hold him responsible for their distribution.

Three scenarios are likely: 

Zac stupidly lost his phone and someone discovered and posted the private pictures.

The photos were always nothing more than a publicity stunt from the start.
   (Perhaps an attempt to get out of her Disney contract?)

One of these cell phone apps stole Zac's pictures and distributed them.

What's your guess?

I think it's creepy that iPhone would allow apps to steal info and pictures from their customers.

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