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Subject: Let's argue more about Iran

Hey Bart,

Long time reader, but Yes, you are wrong on Iran. 

No - if we disagree, it's because I'm either insane or "another Cheney."

Here’s the thing, even if they do invent or get the bomb,  one or two
or three nukes are worth nothing unless they are used as a deterrent!

Did you just say three nukes are worth nothing?
Atta did some damage with 3 planes - so what good are nukes?

To use one or two nukes to attack Israel would only invite a total
and devastating response from Israel and maybe the US.  
That would be suicide and Iran does not wish to commit suicide.

The religiously insane have no desire to meet Allah and the 72 virgins?

The only value to have nukes is to hold them back and say
"Don’t mess with us because we have nukes."

That worked with China and Russia because they weren't religiously insane.

If used, they invite total destruction.
Even the whack job religious nuts who run Iran don’t want that.

...and you're willing to bet 30M lives on that?

Please stop promoting another unnecessary war
with a country that hasn’t and will not attack US.

 Jack in Alabamastan

I'm trying to avoid a nuclear exchange.

BTW, thanks for the donation.


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