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Subject: Stop Scaring People about Iran's Nuclear capability - list the facts

You always suggest to ‘list the facts’ when trying to persuade people to a certain position. 
However, on your web pages lately you’ve been screaming like your hair is on fire regarding
Iran’s nuclear capabilities and intentions.  While that may be what the lame stream media
is trying to get you to believe, that is not what the FACTS suggest.

Wait, so if we disagree, it's because I've been duped by the lame stream media?
Our disagreeing, by definition, means I'm the one who's wrong?

    There is NO evidence since 2003 that Iran is developing a nuclear weapons program
    Naval experts say that Iran has no capability to close the Strait of Hormuz
    Iran’s current liquid propellant missiles are incapable of delivering a nuclear warhead anywhere
    Iran does not have the manufacturing capability or expertise to produce missiles capable of delivering a nuclear payload
    Even if they launched conventional weapons, the most they can deliver is 10-15 warheads within a 1000km (Israel is 1300km away)
    Their conventional weapons guidance systems are only accurate within 100-300 meters (thereby only allowing generalized targeting on civilians)
    Iran’s recent missile test firings are believed to be of a missile manufactured by the U.S.
    but not used since 1979 (antiquated and easily defended against) and only have a 120km range

Am I allowed to disagree with how "fact-y" those sentences are?

People here in Washington suggest that Iran has a long history of saber rattling every 6 months and 
believe that Iran’s wild claims are intended as much for Iranian consumption as anything else. 

Iran’s conservative leadership keeps the populace in line by issuing toothless rants directed at the
Great Satan (sound familiar?  A similar tactic to our own conservative elements).

Experts don’t believe that Iran has a capability to do anything but harass its neighbors and it won’t
for a long, long time to come.  We are in no danger of the next smoking gun being a mushroom cloud.
Here is a link to an expert analysis
  Dennis in DC

I'm looking at the big picture.
You gave me a link to an "expert analysis."
Does that expert have better, more up-to-date info than CIA Director Leon Panetta?

I can only assume you're accusing Panetta of lying when he says Iran will have a nuke in a year.
That would make Obama a liar, too (or an imcompetent puppet dancing at Panetta's instructions)
and if so, I disagree with your analysis.

Does the Democratic party now hold the position that EVERY government statement is a lie?
The US government, under Obama, is INCAPABLE of telling the truth?

Why would Panetta and Obama, presumable Hillary, too, lying us into a war with Iran?

IF Obama and Panetta are lying us into a war, they'd be guilty of war crimes, right?

This is merely a question:

Everyone who disagrees with me (Panetta and Obama are either lying or they're not) thinks Obama is a war criminal?

From what I'm reading, there's no way Panetta and Obama are "mistaken."
They're either war criminals or they're not.

Does every left-of-center Democrat think Obama is a war criminal?

Is there NO CHANCE Panetta and Obama are being honest about Iran?

Am I really the last sane Democrat in America?


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