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Subject: Iran

Bart, your beliefs make me sad, mostly because I KNOW you are sane.

It's not about sad or happy, it's about alive or dead.
It's about war and peace and it's about the air being either 72 degrees or 20,000 degrees.
If Iran ever tried to attack Israel Iran would easily be defeated in 72 hours.

I fail to see how that assertion is relevant.
If Iran launches a nuke at Israel, what does 72 hours have to do with anything?

They have no military to speak of.  Also, do I have to say it again?
The Ayatollah has stated that Nuclear weapons are forbidden in the Qu’ran.

Are we from the same planet?

You're saying Iran is spending billions rushing to get nukes that are forbidden?
How does that make any sense?

If a crazy man has a book that says he won't shoot anyone,
you would vote to allow him to possess a loaded gun?

Does that mean its okay to believe Muslims when they invoke religion for
violent purposes but we can’t believe them when they say something non-aggressive?

I have no idea how to answer such an off-the-wall question.
You seem to think philosophy will save people from a nuclear explosion.

Also, once again, the ONLY nuclear country in the Middle East is Israel.

Yes, people like to repeat that again and again and again.
Are you a Ron Paul fanatic?

Iran has already seen how the US deals with nuclear North Korea.
They also know that a nuclear bomb just might prevent the Israelis from attacking them.

Have you ever seen 500,000 Israelis pour into the streets of Tel Aviv,
beating themselves
bloody with chains chanting "Death to Iran?"  I never have.

Why would Isarel attack someone else's sacred sand?
They have all the sacred sand they need right now.

Iran may talk big but they are not a world power.

How does a statement like that protect Israel from a nuclear attack?
We're not even debating the same subject.
Besides, Iran doesn't talk "big," they talk "super-fucking-crazy."

The only reason Americans are taught to hate them is because Iran will not do
whatever the US wants, which seems to be the only thing that matters to people of power.
 Ed In Woodridge, IL
This isn't about hating Iran.

Should we allow every Middle Eastern country to have nukes to "make it fair" because Israel has them?

I do not understand people who say, "More nukes are better than fewer nukes."
I do not understand people who say, "Israel has nothing to worry about."
I do not understand people who say, "Iran would never act irrationally about Israel."
I do not understand people who say, "What could possibly go wrong with a nuclear Iran?"


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