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Subject: Iran

Bart, I disagree with you.

For you to disagree, we'd have to be talking about the same subject.
Plus, I'm right on this - so why not be on the right side of the issue?.

The people of Iran are NOT a threat to the US.

That's a wild and crazy statement since nobody said the people were a threat.
You see?
We're not talking about the same subject.

Believe me now, the Ayatollahs do not want to F*** with Israel!
Israel can more than take care of itself.

So why does Ahmahandjob keep screaming about nuking Israel?
That's who they are - that's why they exist.
That's why suicide bombers would rather die than live.
They want Israel gone and they'll murder themselves to achieve that goal.

If they acquire nukes, its their business, just like
any other country with clever scientists and a physics book.

You're OK with a nuclear war?
Why are YOU choosing nuclear war over a naval blockade?

Any action which closes the Strait of Hormuz will cause oil to jump to $300/barrel.
How do you think that effect the sputtering world economy?

About ten times less than a nuclear war.

Please stop warmongering on a country that has not invaded us or anyone else.

You keep saying a nuclear war is OK.
Why am I the only one making sense on this subject?
If a nuke goes off in Israel, I'll guess 40,000,000 Iranians will die.
You should be working with me to prevent that.

You should be ashamed, you sound just like Cheney, Buchanan or Lieberman!
  Jack in Alabamastan

I should be ashamed for telling the truth?
I should be ashamed for trying to prevent a nuclear war?
I should be ashamed for being right?
I should be ashamed for trying to save 40M lives?

Reminder: This is

Is there anyone who can discuss this subject without name calling?

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