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Subject: Iran sanctions

Respectfully, doing nothing may be the best option. 
So far, so good with n.Korea and Pakistan. 

Dude, North Korea just blew up a South Korean military boat, killing 42 sailors.
When confronted, they denied it (We have pieces of their exploded torpedo) and 
they said any attempt to punish them means "all out war."   That's not "so far, so good."

Then, I think it was Thursday, North Korea test-fired another ballistic rocket. 
That's considered a provocation by North Korea's enemies which is pretty much everybody

Sanctions and blockades only hurt the people which in turn hurts the sanctioning country. 

Like with David Koresh's victims, when your parents or your government is insane, 
you've been dealt a bad hand and it may not be possible to save everyone.

It will only cause more bitterness.  When was last time Iran started a war? 

I don't get that reasoning.

When was the last time a Superbowl winning quarterback raped a woman?
When was the last time a Heisman Trophy winner tried to cut his wife head off?
When was the last time the "greatest golfer of all time" was caught having 121 affairs?
When was the last time a gay-bashing Rethug senator was caught with a man in his mouth?

Conclusion: Weird shit happens every day and with nukes, that means no tomorrow.

Any country that uses nukes KNOWS they will be wiped out by others. 
MAD and deterrence between Iran and Israel may help both evolve. 
They'll either "get busy livin' or get busy dyin'." 

Are you old enough to remember 1980? Hundreds of thousands of Iranians took 
to the streets and beat themselves bloody with chains to protest America's messing 
with their country and you're telling me we can trust them to be logical?.

You are reasonable Bart, and I hope u reconsider your opinion. 
 Casper in Denton, TX

Casper, your position is "Crazy + nuclear =  No problem."

How can anybody agree with that?

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