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Subject: Let's fight about Iran

Bart, you wrote:

> "Leon Panetta says they'll have a nuke in less than a year.
>  Now they have the means to deliver it - way to go, Obama."
Now wouldn't it be horrid if Iran had the bomb like so many other rogue middle eastern countries?!!

Yes, horrid is too tame a word to describe a nuclear war.

Then we'd all have to treat them with the same respect we give that wonderful neighbor of theirs
that holds all of those innocent Palestinian people in lock down in the world's largest private prison.

I was unable to make that leap with you.
If that bomb explodes, the why and the how won't matter.

Worse than that, we'd actually be forced to accept the leaders they choose for themselves,
even those who refuse to allow American oil to steal their resources. How could we explain
that to a brainwashed America who thinks that Capitalism (rule by the rich) is the only
legitimate choice in a democracy?

Tim, you're talking about some kind of political/sociological theory that I'm not grasping.
I'm talking about the temperature being 15000 degrees in the Middle East.

And how in the world would we ever regain control of Iranian riches if we allow them
to have the same level of protection that we ourselves enjoy??

We should let the crazies nuke up to prove we're not after their oil?
Are you a college teacher?

Think about it, If they do get the bomb we'll never get the chance to enslave
their children for the sake of Nike and Reebok! You and Netanyahu are right Bart!!

We need to go kill all of 'them there' bastards before they're
able to consolidate power over their own lives and welfare.
 Tim in Muldraugh


My good friend Tim here is very worked up about the unfairness of Iran not having nukes.

...and *I* said we need to kill them all?

You see how it happens?
If the subject is Israel, 80 percent of even the sane folks totally lose their minds.

I don't have a dog in that race.

I might be wrong, but I'm not blinded by 4,000 years of fighting.

My concern is getting to "the fewest nuclear explosions" point as fast as possible.
People who say, in effect, "What's wrong with more hotheads with nukes?" confuse me.


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