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Subject: are you still pissed?

If you're still pissed off about the 2000 elections, GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!!
Its over man.

Sharon, you say, "It's over?"
I'll tell you what's over.

The World Trade Centers are over, because Bush ignored the warnings.
The lives of 4128 soldiers are over because Bush lied.
The health of 60,000 soldiers is over because Bush lied.

The Fourth Amendment is over, and the Sixth Amendment, and Bush set up 
"Free Speech Zones" so I guess the First Amendment is over, too.
The integrity of the Justice Department is ancient history.

Diplomacy died an early death with this president.
Valerie Plame's career as a CIA spy is over and we don't know how many
CIA contacts died because Bush-Cheney wanted to punish the truth tellers.

North Korea's estrangement from making nukes is over.
New Orleans as a livable city - that's probably over.
The meters on Iraq's oil pumps - gone - so Halliburton can steal at will.

Our right to privacy is over - Bush can read our mail, read our e-mails, bug our
phones, check into our bank accounts and the library books we check out.

Bidding on government contracts is over - it all goes to Bush's friends and
they can now sell the military millions of gallons of gasoline for $10 a pop.

Non-partisan Supreme Court judges - that's a thing of the past.
The 911 Commission?  That's over and they didn't blame anybody for anything.
How about our friendships with other countries - that's over

Science is over with this religiously-insane president.
He says God told him "Science is bad," so we avoid science at all costs.

The Rule of Law is over - Bush says no laws apply to him since he bungled 9-11.
A ready-to-fight military?  That's definitely over.
The health of the 9-11 first responders - gone - thanks to Bush.
A stable economy? Bush destroyed that, too - it's gone for a long time.
Of course, Clinton's surpluses are loooong gone.

Mining safety laws? They were gone soon after Bush took office.
Stem cell research is gone - who needs their health when God is Risen?
Clear skies and healthy forests?  Gone, and gone.

Pat Tillman, his life is over - I wonder why Bush covered up his death?
The dream that things will be better for our kids - that's over, too.
Your home being the best retirement plan?  That's certainly over.

The Bush name in American politics?  That's deader than Francisco Franco.
100,000 White House e-mails?  Illegally destroyed - to cover up what?

The separation of Church & State - that's over.
Bush is taking MY TAXES and giving it to superstitious handjobs who support him.

Congressional oversight is dead - (but you can blame the Democrats for that.)
Medal of Freedom integrity is gone, too. Bush gave medals to Tommy Franks,
George Tenet, and Paul Bremer "for all their great work in Iraq."

Our votes being counted - that's gone, too
Oil companies paying taxes?  That's gone like T-Rex.
Bush's attendence records in the Nat Guard - over or never existed?

Statue of Liberty? Still there, but meaningless in a torture-is-fun America.

Of course, some things are NOT over, like Bush's war in Iraq, Bush's war
in Afghanistan and the hostility from soon-to-be nuke-happy Iran.
And the torture - that's not over - the torture never stops under this president.
Borrowing from the Saudis to finance tax cuts for the super rich - that's not over.

As you can tell, this list could go on for a few more hours.
But you were right - "IT" is over, for most Americans.

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