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Subject: Clinton hate is justified
Dear Bart,

NAFTA. Killing off Glass Steagle. Not regulating Wall Sts' new and oh so exotic "products".
All these are reasons to hate your Bill Clinton.

Also he didn't end tax credits to companies moving jobs overseas, and the lousy prick gave us
the WTO and Preferred Trade Status to China. Fuck Bill Clinton. These terrible policies all
contributed to the Bush Crash and Bill's only positive economic accomplishment, the tax hike
on the rich, was easily rolled back by Bush and the republican majorities that Bill's policies created.

The Bush bastards are overjoyed that you're taking blame off them and piling it onto Clinton.

Bill could inspire his enemies to fight like devils and at the same time kill the morale
and turn off his base. Just like Obama. Greatness!

Oh, and he failed on healthcare. But not to worry, our next conservative Dem president
passed Bob Dole's 17 yr old healthcare plan. More greatness!

I don't get the Clinton love, he is more conservative than Ike or Nixon were, and has been as
wrong headed as a man can be on matters economic here at home and abroad. Determinedly
stupid even, he's too smart to believe the bullshit he peddles at Davos and other elite gatherings.
He just want's the money and to bask in the company of his aristocratic betters.   

Bill Clinton, the 3rd Way former DLC Dems, and their Wall St masters are as reckless as the batshit repos. 
In fact, DC Dems are the 3rd wing of the republican party. Progressive solutions need not apply to this bunch...ever.

I still love ya Bart. Keep swinging the hammer.!
 Jake in Oregon

Jake, you've made a list of things you don't like about Clinton.

I challenge you:
Please list the modern presidents who were better than Clinton.

Something tells me you're going to say 'Nixon'



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