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Subject: Jane's Top Ten favorite things about Recession Fest 2010

Bart, being a Vegas Virgin, here are my top ten best things about Recession Fest 2010

10. Everything being open all the time--great for night owls.

9. Sightings of the Blues Brothers, David Bowie, and multiple Elvises.

8. Getting to walk down the street with a drink in your hand. 

7. People-watching on the Strip.

6. The Rocky and Bullwinkle machine at the Pinball Museum.

5. The sampling of fine tequilas and home brews of beer and mead.

4. Mount Charleston scenery (11,000+ feet, desert floor to snowcaps).

3. The Bellagio fountains. The Bellagio fountains. The Bellagio fountains.

2. Meeting/conversations with all the fest participants.

1. Getting offered $100 by Bart to get out of a poker tournament.

Jane Z.

Oh, that Number One looks sinister so maybe I should explain. 
It was down to the three of us - Jane, Marc Perkel and Ol' Bart.

The purse was to be divided $250, $150 and $50.

Here I was, Mr. Poker, veteran of tens of thousands of poker hands,
getting beat up by two players in their first tournament ever
so I offered Jane double her entree fee to bow out.

It seemed like a rational thing to do at the time but I didn't
fully think things thru because by offering Jane $100 to quit
she would've won the Third Place money and the extra $100.

That would've left me with $50 and Second Place.
Perkel was a buzz saw going thru both of us - Jane and I were fighting for crumbs.

New Hampshire Mike wrote: 
Meeting up with people you donít know can be, for me at least, kinda scary.

He's right - flying 3,000 miles to meet some strangers is kinda scary and I'd think doubly-scary 
for a single lady like Jane - but the ice was broken in mere minutes and we had a great time.

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