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Today's Monkey Mail   





 Subject: Medical pot mess


Wow.  I was going to send you a donation for not slagging on Obama once in your new edition
...until you blamed the president for Beardy's criminal activity. 

Well, isn't it good news that you waited until you saw something that prevented you from donating?

I did a rough count, there were 78 topics for you to get angry about something last issue.
Each topic had maybe 60 words, any of which could've sent you over the edge so that's 4500
different things that could've pissed you off.

There were an extra 163 opportunites for you to get angry if you hold me resposible for each tweet.

So, out of 4700 opportunities to get angry, you only found ONE?
You just not have been looking very hard.

It's your lucky day!
You get to save that money instead of wasting it on a donation to a page you read four times a week.
Hey, gotta be frugal in these tough times, right?

Fucker is being sentenced, that means he was CONVICTED of a crime.

He was a legal businessman, LICENSED by the state of Montana to sell marijuana.
Why wasn't the state of Montana arrested for co-running this illegal, state-wide pot "ring?"

Yeah, that "fucker" deserves twenty years in prison for following the damn law

Did you see where the government petitioned
the court to ignore the fact that pot is legal in Montana?

Plus, he was convicted of legally dealing pot back in the day.
He was out of the business when the feds decided these licensed, law-abiding citizens belonged in prison.
No warning like the California MM shops got, "Beardy" just got his doors kicked in and it ruined peoples' lives.

Obama said the Feds wouldn't prosecute lawful marijuana activity. 

Yet they did - that's what makes me so angry.

Your friend fucked up with weapons violations, and who knows what else. 

You're SO CERTAIN of his guilt, yet you know nothing about his "crimes."
One of us wants to keep a guy OUT of prison and one of us is hot to IMPRISON a guy.

Which of us sounds like a Democrat?

There are scads of lawful dispensaries n California, and licensed users and dealers in many
other states who are doing just fine, the president never said "do whatever the hell you want."

Every legal, licensed grower in America is subjet to the whims of Justice Department officials.
I think that's a bad way to do business.

Your loss for engaging in feckless hyperbole.

No, I didn't lose a goddamn thing. You've lost your humanity,
working overtime to put a licensed merchant and fellow liberal behind bars.

You don't even have a dog in this fight - you just want to see someone go to f-ing jail.
What's wrong with you?
You should be ashamed of yourself, but I have a feeling you're proud of your words.

Turns out Tom (He's a human being with a name, Asshole) won't be going to prison.
I'm sure that's going to make you even more angry and more bitter.

Had the idiot feds sent Tom a letter saying, "You may be in violation of the law" (which he wrote)
they could've gotten the same result without all the drama and saved everyone a looooot of money and trouble,
but it's my guess that since Tom helped write the law that was described as so well-written that it passed by a
bigger majority than any other pot law in America, they had to make an example of him.

How many millions of dollars did our broke govenment spend to harass an innocent citizen?


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