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Subject: how we get out of this mess

Bart, great site,  by the way. 

You make some interesting points in your support for HRC. 
Yes,  HRC is a fighter.   Yes,  she's a damned hard worker. 
The cruel hard arithmetic of electoral politics is against her and Obama, in my opinion. 

I see 40%+ of the electorate that will not vote for Hillary regardless of anything she says or does. 
As a Southerner,  it's difficult to express the visceral hatred for HRC in some quarters here. 

Yet when you ask them why - they can't give you a reason.
Ask an Obamaniac why he hates her - he can't give an answer, either.
But you're right - both groups really, really hate her.

Obama is an extremely attractive candidate with some of the same electoral liabilities as HRC. 
The paradox from my standpoint is that the more liberal of the two Democratic candidates 
(Obama)  might be more electable than the more moderate former First Lady. 

ha ha
Sorry, that wasn't nice.
It's going to be "Barack Even-More-Liberal-Then-Hillary Obama" until Election Day.

Bottom line to me is that she should earn the nomination, 
not get it handed to her on the basis of seniority. 

 JD in Atlanta, 

I can see where you could've gotten the impression I said that.
I didn't.

I'm saying she's no Gore, she's no Kerry, she's no quitter.
She's not going down without the bloodiest of bloodbaths - that's why we like her.
That's why we have a problem, because we know OR side isn't going to quit.

IF we have two great candidates about to eat each other into political oblivion,
maybe we should make a bloodless choice and win the White House and Congress.

Since our choices are the undefeated senator in her prime and the fresh-faced newcomer,
that suggests a compromise where both can be president - in good time.

I'm just trying to save your guy from being eaten. :)

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