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Subject: you are jealous of Edward Snowden

Not jealous of his situation, but of his fame.  You've been writing your web site for years
without much recognition, and along comes a computer whiz (which you admittedly, are not)
and gets instant attention.  That must burn your ass, because you harp so much about Snowden:

"My whole life has been nothing but constant fun and that hasn't changed
 because I-lived-in-Paradise Snowden was super-desperate to become famous."

Do you know what "projection" means?

I believe you are jealous.  Frustrated because you see that blowhard liar Rush Limpballs
make millions by lying, and you can barely survive by occasionally telling the truth.   ha ha

I'm not convinced you're happy. 
I think you are very unhappy, and are drinking to ease the pain,
 Neil in Mass

Sure, a little more money would be nice.
I'd like to make one percent of what Rush makes, but why would I want to be famous?

Think how terrible it would be to be semi-famous like Howie Mandell.
He said he once walked thru an airport and had 1,000 people say, "Deal or No Deal!"
That would get so old in the first five minutes - imagine hearing that for five years.

Or poor Cuba Gooding Jr. How many hundreds of thousands of times some asshole
walked up to him while he was eating dinner and screamed, "SHOW ME THE MONEY!"

What would I do with fame?
Get a better booth at Arbys?

And if I wanted to be famous, don't you think my name and photo
would be plastered all over the 18,585 pages that say "Bartcop" instead?

I need to be famous like Osama needed another hole in his head.

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