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Subject: you don't think things through before you write

Bribery is defined as: The offering, giving, receiving, or soliciting of something of value for the
purpose of influencing the action of an official in the discharge of his or her public or legal duties.

Your position that he should be able to sell for personal gain the appointment of a senator amounts to saying
that bribery should be legal.  Everything that a government official can be bribed for is of great value so why
should he give it away for nothing.

A governor's ability to commute a sentence is of great value, so do you believe it should be for sale.
Should awarding a contract be up for sale? If not, why not? It is of great value so why shouldn't a
government official be able to sell it? 

Should all government officials who have the responsibility of making appointment, or hiring people,
or approving contracts, or granting variances, etc. be able to just sell such things?  I can imagine the
commercials and other ads. "Who wants to be a Senator, or a Judge? Make me a offer."  or
"Want a pardon? I can give you one for the right price. Let's make a deal." 

The reason bribery is a crime is because virtually everything a government official has the power to do
is of great value and yet you argue that it should not be a crime because what is being sold is of great value.

When a police officer pulls you over for speeding he always has the discretion to let you off with a warning.
That is a power with great value. Should the officer be able to say "Slip me a hundred and I'll let you off with a warning." 

If sell an appointment to be a Senator should be legal then why should it not be legal to sell a hundred
million dollar contract for road construction?

Think things through before you write, meaning,
think about the logical extension of what you are saying.


Damn, we were so f-ing close to having an adult conversation - then you went all Monkey on me.

We were seconds away, and then you had to go and throw your Monkey poop at me.

Why do some people think you have to be a dick to have a conversation?



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