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Subject: greedy bastards

Bart, you wrote:

> "Democrats aren't greedy bastards, so we never get rich enough
>  to own giant media conglomerates - so how do we fight back?"

I think you've hit the nail on the head, sir - and illuminated your own delusional thinking.

In your estimation, the only way to "fight back" is to become the very thing we all loathe.

If the schoolyard bully knocks you down,
do you resort to violence or let him knock you down every day?

Sorry, but if "winning" means being as filthy-rotten as our opposition,

How did you get from "winning" to "filthy rotten?"
Are all winners evil?

we must really be coming to the end of this great "experiment;"
if it is only up to a small, hard-as-nails core of ruthless, no-holds-barred "fighters,"
how can we *ever* expect to set our lovely "Democracy" aright?

I'm certain that surrender isn't the answer.

Glad yer swingin' the hammer, Bart, as always...
but it looks as if we're pretty much done.
 Jeff  in  Bartow

Jeff, you make me look like an optimist :)

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