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Subject: Race as a factor

Dear Bart,

These little issues are getting less relevant as the Obama media squad's manipulation victory 
approaches but I'm not sure it got mentioned.  I keep hearing about the exit poll question: 
"Was race a factor in your vote?" and the oh-so-shocking results.

This question is routinely and falsely being interpreted as "Did you refuse to vote 
for a black man because you don't want a black man to be President?" 

In reality, honest voters will say "yes" to the question because they have legitimate
concerns about the electability of an African-American candidate come November.  
If a voter thinks "no way a black man can be elected" that's making race a factor 
but not the same as  "I won't vote for any black guy cuz I don't like them Blacks."  
You can argue that the former is a bad attitude to adopt - but it ain't the same as the latter.

You are exactly right.

A liar would say "It's not a factor" and then convince himself that Obama, the man,
is just "inferior," meanwhile the honest people will say "yes" and do the right thing. 
It's a phoney question intentionally written "stupid" so the squawking cable morons 
can fill hours of air time with mindless, money-making, anti-Hillary speculation.

David Gergen was flailing the phony interpretation hard on Tuesday night, calling for Hillary 
to announce that "She doesn't want any racists to vote for her" or something close to that. 

It is also worth mentioning that "a factor" could mean a teeny tiny factor, like .00001%, 
where a voter's truthful answer would still have to be "yes" if they considered race at all.

Maybe it is also worth mentioning that when a candidate is getting 90%+ of his own
race's voters, those voters just might maybe possibly perhaps be using race as a factor.  

That's the most racist sentence I've ever allowed on

That's frankly OK with me but I guess Gergen should have a big problem with it.

All and all, you still got the hammer my brother so John-Henry it all you can!
 Jeff  in Rochester, NY

Jeff, thanks for that.

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