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Are you a Batman Fan?
 Special screening in Chicago

Dear Family and Friends-

I spent the month of June writing, producing, directing and editing two short HD film projects.  
Many of you helped me with both, and I am very grateful and lucky for your support and contributions!  
For those that are hearing about these for the first time, I hope you all enjoy what we worked on.

You will need Quicktime to view both movies, so make sure you have the most recent version
of Quicktime on your computer which can be gotten from

The first one was a dream project for me... directing an actual Batman "fanfilm" story set in the same 
continuity as Christopher Nolan's "Batman Begins" and the upcoming movie of the year, "The Dark Knight", 
which opens July 18th.  My film, is titled: "The Dark Knight Project".  It's about two Gotham City high school 
students Heather Nolan and Mikey Bale, as they set out to be the first in Gotham City to capture video of the 
masked vigilante known as the Batman for a documentary "class project".  

When they unwittingly stumble into a dark alley in an attempt to investigate suspicious activity, they 
unexpectedly get their wish.  The short film is 12 minutes long, and acts as a bridge between the last 
Batman movie, "Batman Begins" and the upcoming "Dark Knight"... that is to say, this story precedes 
the new film, so after you watch it, go see "The Dark Knight" next week to see what happens next!

The film can be viewed at this link:

Youtube Teaser here:

I was very lucky to connect with a group of amazingly talented and dedicated crew people
and actors here in Chicago to pull this off, so I hope you all enjoy our efforts, and please share 
the website link with friends when it will be unveiled in a larger, hi-res format to the public for 
FREE on Monday, July 14th, at the film's official dedicated website:  

I produced it for several reasons... I needed to get directing again, and I thought that this would be
the perfect timing to get some attention with it since it is tied in to what is expected to be this years 
movie phenomenon but more importantly, I'm also a huge Batman fan (duh... who knew?) and since 
I don't think Warner Brothers will ever give me the opportunity to make a Batman movie, I decided to 
do one myself.  

With any luck, if I can get some buzz going with the media, this short will help get me the visibility 
needed to continue with my directing career and get some feature film projects off the ground that I 
am developing with my producing partner Zoe.  So please feel free to share the website link with 
friends, and direct them to:

I hope you all enjoy it, whether you're Batman fans or not!

The second film was for the Chicago region 48 Hour Film Competition, in which my team and I wrote, 
shot and edited a short 7 minute movie in 48 hours.  We beat our deadline using the elements we were 
assigned along with the genre we drew (sci-fi... and the required elements consisting of an urn with 
human remains in it, the line of dialogue "what is the password", and a character with the name 
"William Western" whose occupation is a repair person).  I'm very excited to share that our finished film, 
"Clonely" (about a grieving man who clones his dead wife but realizes you can't get back what you 
thought you had), was chosen by judges as one of the top films in the Chicago region!

It screens on Saturday, July 12th at the Portage Theater with the other 14 winners (there were a total 
of 30 teams competing) and we will be receiving an award (although we don't know which one yet).  
If you would like to come out for the screening, here is the information:

"Best of Chicago 48 Hour Film Project Screening"
July 12th at the Portage Theater
4050 W. Milwaukee Ave
Chicago IL 60601
Cost $10 screening only, $15 for screening and award ceremony
Start Time: 7pm (Tickets can be purchase a hour before screening at theater)

Best of Films Awards Ceremony and Party (five minutes from Portage Theater)

July 12th immediately after screening (approx 8:30pm)
Nite Cap Lounge
5007 W. Irving Park
Chicago IL 60601
Cost $10 award ceremony only or $15 screening and award ceremony
I hope you all enjoy the two films and feel free to share them with others!

Best wishes,

Jerry Vasilatos

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