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Subject: your JFK theory makes you sound like a teabagger

Ya' know, I enjoy browsing your website for the comics but your Kennedy assassination conspiracy 
theories are beginning to make me believe you're as whacked out as the Teabaggers and Creationists.  

Why that's an awful thing to say.

And, I believe YOU just said, "Our government would NOT lie to us."
Which of us sounds crazy now?

Come back to reality, it was Oswald all by himself.  All the evidence points in that direction alone 
and nothing contradicts it, regardless of what Oliver Stone and Cyril Wecht say (though I suspect 
even Wecht is coming around to the truth).
 drp in Pittsburgh 

drp, you are incorrect that "all" the evidence points to that.

There are dozens if not hundreds of inconsistencies in their story.

For one, JFK's brain is missing.
How many autopsies do you know of there they lost the brain?
And it was the President's brain, for Christ's sake.

Did you know on the Zapruder tape, they (FBI) took frame 278 (whatever) and 
replaced it with frame 277 to make it appear as tho the shot came from behind?

One story I read decades ago was they gave the film to "a new guy"
and he somehow "accidentally" reversed those frames.

How is it possible to make a mistake like that?  And why give the most important 
short film in history to Nickie the New Guy to "accidentally" screw up?

The bullet that went thru JFK's chest, and Connelly's chest and wrist (hitting bones) was pristine?
Finding it on Connelly's gurney was as insulting as Mohammed Atta's driver's license
floating down where the police could find it in the million tons of 9-11 rubble.

The FBI's best sharp-shooter was unable to fire as fast as Oswald
and he wasn't aiming - he was just trying to fire that fast and couldn't.

Same for Bobby - the coroner said RFK had gunshot residue on his head but every 
witness said Sirhan was never closer than three feet - so why the GSR on his head?

Homicide detectives say that one coincidence after another = no coincidence.

I'm not saying I have all the answers.

I'm saying, like with Vietnam and MLK and Gulf War I and Florida 2000 and Iran-Contra 
and 9-11 and Bush's wars, we know we're being lied to - we just have no idea of the scope.


we do know which of Monica's nipples Bill kissed first (her right)
because the GOP said "it's important that we get ALL the facts."

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