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Subject: Last actual debating seen in 1960's

Hey Ball Peen,   That A.B.C. fiasco was simply the ultimate result of thirty or more years of "making up" 
debating rules.  John "Heinz" Kerry should have held up a copy of the Lincoln-Douglass debate rules 
( which actually, at the time, were high school debating STANDARDS ) and challenged Monkey Boy 
and his staff to follow the rules Abe Lincoln followed adding "if it's good enough for "Honest Abe" 
why isn't it good enough for you?"    

Real debating would not allow for 90 percent or more of the questions raised in political debates from 
Ray-Gun's time up to, and including, last night.   What a shame that, like the rules for going to war, 
and like the actual, limited role of the Commander in Chief, there is now a generation and a half of 
Americans who have never witnessed an actual debate!  

Just a slapped together set of agreed upon rules designed to appeal to sensationalism, 
to give opportunities for 15 second sound bites and to sell advertising time.    
Thanx for it all, 
 Jim Clark

I've been harping on this for years.
The best way to have a debate is 2 people, 2 mics, a handful of cameras ...and that's it.

Maybe have a chalkboard with ten important topics on it, and let the candidates go at it.

You don't need a pompous asshole (or two) asking "gotcha" questions.
You don't need a crowd who has to out-cheer the other side
each time their candidate says something they liked hearing.

And remember, the "news divisions" of these whore networks doin't exist to give you news.
They exist to make money, so they sell you the news they think you're likely to buy.

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