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Subject: Libertarians and Ron paul


This frenzy of support from the left for Ron Paul is totally misplaced.  
Mr. Pauls' success can be traced to the fact that he has nothing to lose and is going for broke.  
He can say things that get a rise or support from the left because he has no chance in hell of 
winning the republican nomination.  

Libertarians are the FAR right wing of the Republican party.   Every Libertarian I've known 
and talked to hates the government.  But usually for self serving reasons, not because the 
government is intrinsically wrong but because the government has done something that directly 
affects that particular Libertarian.  The reasons they give for hating the government range the gamut.  

From freedom to own rocket launchers to legalized prostitution to legalized drugs.  Most democrats 
I know want government that is for the "people" not for a particular person.  Libertarians  have on rose 
colored glasses thinking that if you allow the government to wither and die then all will take care of itself.  

That basic thinking is totally flawed.  One only has to look at countries where the government has little 
impact and there are unchecked personal freedoms.  What happens is the "persons" with the biggest guns 
or the most money end up controlling everything.  The illusion of personal freedom is just that, an illusion.  

As chief justice John Marshall said "we are a nation of laws, not men".  In the constitutional sense we 
must adhear to these words.  The constitution was enacted and remains enforced to protect the rights
and well being of the nation, not special interest groups.  Talk to a Libertarian sometime and you will 
quickly get a sense of what they think government is to be and their answer is always self serving.  

The greatest mistake any democrat could make is to believe they would serve their country best
by voting for a libertarian. 
 Jim in Utah

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