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Subject: Your bias re: Hillary

Dearest Bart,

When other liberals & democrats say something that is twisted or misquoted by the neocon sympathetic
brain dead idiots - you blame the misquoted party for saying something that was so easily misquoted, etc.

She's running for president, talking about the single most important issue of our times,
not trying to be a comedian making jokes about using one square of toilet paper.
You can't always equate "A" with any "B" you trip over.

When Hillary says "the change in tactics is working" -  it's a very small stretch 
to say that she actually meant the "surge" is working.

A famous porcine Facsist once said, "Words mean things."
I guess you could make the point that it's the enemy's job to distort her words,
but should we allow the Hillary-haters to distort a Republican into the White House?

What other tactics have been changed?

I hate asking this, but do you know what you're talking about?
The thing that's "working" is the new US-Sunni alliance in Al Anbar
that has the US military and ther Sunnis working together against Al Qaeda..

Bush's "surge" didn't make it to Al Anbar, they're in Baghdad, so making the false claim 
that Hillary told the VFW that "the surge is working" is just a flat-out lie.

You call that "a very small stretch?"

And if you have to stretch what she said to score a point against Her,
does that mean she's untouchable if you stick to the facts? 

Is it the responsibility of everyone (but Hillary) to quote her correctly, in context & assume 
she is not helping the Bush administration continue this failed war in some way.

It would appear she has three options:
Tell the truth about what's happening in Iraq.
Tell lies about what's happening in Iraq. (Haven't we had enough of that?)
Not speak

Which of those three options would you suggest for Hillary?

I see a similar vein in your desperate attempts to understand the "hatred" aimed at Paris Hilton.  
Instead of seeing her as a spoiled bitch that may have deserved some jail time for her offenses, 
you see "haters" just wanting her scarred for life during her stay in jail.  

I don't like it when people refuse to admit the facts.
The important fact here is that EVERY lawyer who practices in Los Angeles said that 
what the judge did to to Paris had never happened to any defendent in their memory.

I cornered people again and again with that cold, hard fact, and what I got back was,
"Drunk driving is wrong, and she's a nasty c*nt, so she deserved to be treated unfairly."
In other words, to "win" that argument, they had to forget the facts and refuse to answer simple questions.
That proves their position was based on personal hate and not the law or the facts in the case.

I also happen to think Lindsay Lohan should spend some time in jail & I don't hate her either.

I look at Lindsay's case the way I looked at the Boulder cops bumbling Jon Benet's case.
AFTER Paris has all her troubles, LiLo decided to screw-up BIG time.
If LL was too stupid to learn from Paris's ordeal, jail might do her some good.

BTW, have you heard LL's defense on the drug charge?
"I picked up someone's pants, put them on and ran out the door.
 I had no idea there was cocaine on these pants I was wearing."

She needs to be taught a lesson.

Then you reference the Stella Awards for frivolous lawsuits, which is named after the woman 
that won the judgement against McDonalds for sustaining HOT coffee injuries (because everyone 
knows coffee should be hot but not like so hot) and you say McDonalds deserved to lose.  
Why do you hate McDonalds?  

McDonalds put a few pennies of profit ahead of the safety of their customers.
Plus, being burned by that coffee while driving could conceivably result in a 
chain-reaction accident that could've killed a dozen people.

Your bias shows through in each of these examples.  

I have an opinion about each situation.
If my positions are inconsistent, show me where.

It is a staple of the right wing to use these tactics in a debate or argument.  
Build the straw man & knock it down.

Oh, you mean like fabricating quotes?
Yeah, don't you hate it when people have to resort to such cheap shots to try to win?

Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy your site and respect your right to have your own opinion
and to express it, but it is your tactics in arguing these types of issues that may need changing.  

If my positions are inconsistent, show me where.
If I "hate" McDonalds for injuring their customers and give Burger King 
a pass for injuring theirs, then I'd say you have a valid complaint.

Being open to admit flaws in people that you admire (or lust after), whichever the case may be.
 Jim in Seattle

There you go again, ignoring the facts.
If you get thrown in jail and every lawyer says you should be out,
would you want me to stand up for you or should I remain quiet?

However, you may have stumbled onto something.
Hillary should've known that anything she says will be distorted by Arianna and the HHs.
She should probably dumb down her rhetoric and speak in short sentences with simple words
so democracy-hating opportunists like Arianna can't nuance a fake quote from her speeches.

Poor Mike Gravel - he believed something he read on
Think he learned his lesson?

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