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Subject: that's crazy talk

Attempting to extrapolate your meaning in a blow off to a monkey, it looks like you're saying that
Kos is an extreme lefty site, determined to find the worst possible candidate so that Republicans will win.

That's nowhere near what I was saying.
I generally write what I mean to say.

That participants in dKos are being led like sheep to the slaughter by Marcos.

I know next to nothing about him or his site, except I've noticed two things:

Whenever the mainstream media needs a quote to verify that she can't possibly win,
    they always go to Kos, and there it is, in black and white - she hovers at zero percent.

It would appear that what Kos thinks, his readers think.

I'm going to ask you a yes/no question - can you handle it?
Or will you use 500 words to explain why the question isn't valid, instead?

Here it is:
If you saw a "favorite super-hero" poll in a comic book with over 10,000 votes cast and Superman
couldn't even muster one percent, would you conclude that Superman had fallen to zero popularity?
Or would you conclude that the poll was rigged or ...come up with a third option if you want.

*I* would assume the poll was rigged.
No way the frontrunner gets zero percent.

What is obvious is that you've spent no time over there, and haven't a clue as to what you're talking about.

The first part of your sentence is correct, and I never claimed to know anything about Kos or his site.

No, she is not very popular at dKos.
Hard to believe, isn't it, when she...   (tons of anti-frontrunner blather that we've all heard 1,000 times..)

Your justification seems to be that more than two years from the 2008 election she holds the edge in
name recognition, so we should all get behind her.  We shouldn't try to increase the name recognition
of anybody else, who may be more attuned to our thinking.

 Jimmy the Sausalito Kid

No, I'm saying the top GOP website would never put out false or misleading information
in an attempt to derail their 25-point frontrunner the way our side does.

We're suicidal.
We're Democrats.

We don't want to win.
We'd rather lose "with honor."


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