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Subject: side pages, BCR 146 and Detroit

Hey Bart,

I, for one read every side page. BCR # 146 is fantastic. Thanks! 
I was listening to it with headphones and laughing and everyone was looking at me 
like Iím crazy (and if I am?  So freaking what?)

Anyway, I donít know a whole lot about electric cars but I do know about gasoline/electric hybrids because I drive one. When it was time for a new car, I decided I would have nothing other than a hybrid. My husband was impatient with me as I researched, researched and researched some more about hybrid technology and which was the best vehicle to purchase.  Now, if I had my choice of any car, Iíd have bought a Tesla but alas, thereís no way I could afford to buy a car that costs 100K.  I settled on a Honda Civic Hybrid.  Itís a beauty of a car, small, with lots of leg room and itís unpretentious. Itís blue and my Hillary and Obama bumper stickers match perfectly! I get an average of 46 mpg city/highway driving.  You donít have to plug the little gem in, the batteries recharge by use of friction (deceleration and braking) You only change the oil every 10K miles. My car has nearly 98K miles on it (yeah, I drive a lot) and I havenít had one dayís trouble out of it. I get about 550 miles on a tank of gas and sometimes more, depending on how lead footed I get. I didnít want a Toyota Prius because of the Prius snobs. Haha Really, I drove a rental Prius in Canada and I didnít like it.

I researched Ford hybrids and they had terrible ratings. I have owned 3 Fords in my life and they were each a piece of shit.  I had a 1990 Pontiac Grand Am I drove into the ground and never had a problem with it except changing the alternator at 130k miles. (And the damn clear coat peeled) They always say if you take care of your car, it will take care of you and for the most part, thatís true unless you own a piece of shit Ford. (Found On Road Dead)

The only problem I see with total electric cars and having to recharge them is that we burn so much fossil fuel to generate electricity and youíd pretty much be defeating your purpose as far as a carbon footprint and use of dirty energy. (What the fuck is ďclean coalĒ anyway?)  Hydrogen is the way to go if we had the right infrastructure and then thereís the new technology that I believe is the ticket. Check it out:

Now, if only they had not laughed at Jimmy Carter in 1976 when he talked about café standards on vehicles weíd totally be there today. Especially since they say it will take 30 years to get there from today. The Big 3 didnít want that. The people wanted Hummers. The people want to drive vehicles like Expeditions and the soccer moms who get out at the grocery store all by themselves after they took 10 minutes trying to park that frigging 50 foot gas guzzler that uses 6 mpg just to get anywhere! So, any bailout (we know theyíre going to cave) should come with strings attached to increase café standards immediately by using hybrid and other better technologies. Thatís how we get off that poison called oil!

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