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Subject: But it's true...

Dear Bart: 

Hey, I'm black and I agree with Paul Begala.  Barack Obama CAN'T WIN 
with just blacks and eggheads voting for him. Why is it race baiting to state the obvious? 
Maybe I'm just an Uncle Tom or a house slave or something but this make sense to me.

Since you hate Black people, no wonder you like the Clintons.
That's a joke - something to remind us that we should still win this.

You know, I'm not sure what people - and by people I mean white upper class liberals 
- think political parties exist for. My understanding is that they exist to win elections. 
You don't win elections if the nominee can't get the vote of the majority of the voting population. 

I wise man once said, "You can't change anything until after you have power."

The groups who vote the most in this nation are the old, the married female and the white. 
Young people are not reliable voters. Married women are swing voters (single women vote
Democratic, that is, when they bother to vote at all.) and there are more white voters than black ones. 

These things matter. That is, if your interested in winning elections. But I guess if you 
happen to be in an economic creative class that won't be hurt no matter who gets to 
be President, then maybe you're not that interested in winning. 

I think this is part of a problem we have here occasionally.

The Dreamers argue about the way things ought to be (not a joke) and they works toward THAT
on the other side The Concretes see the cold, hard facts and they work toward THAT and somehow 
we end up screaming mother-effer at each other when the problem might easily be handled by agreeing
on what the argument is.

I have a feeling November is going to give liberals and conservatives what they both really want. 
Conservatives like to win. So they'll get the White House. Liberals like to feel smug. 
So they'll get to call America racist. And both sides will be very pleased at playing this game. 
To bad elections aren't actually games. 
 - Joe D

I don't think they'll get the White House, but that's just my opinion.

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