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Subject: Hey from Joe TwelvePack and the Vandals

Yo Bart !

First of all, THANKS for the t-shirts (WPE & ViolentExtremists) ! 
They arrived safely here in Germany...and the first time I wore them was also the first back-to-back gigs 
(last Fri & Sat) by our American/German/Irish band---"Vandal$ In The €apital"---here in Düsseldorf ! 

I wore them as I sang "Sympathy For The Devil" by the big applause ! 
You will find a couple photos enclosed. They are submitted with pride from "Joe" & the band .

Second, I'm an American from Athens, Georgia (R.E.M. / B-52's) and U.S. Army infantry veteran 
who moved here to Germany way back in September 2000, and am also proud to say that I have 
not set foot in the USA since DerMonkey was selected by our U.S. Supreme Court. 

It was around 2001 that I stumbled upon your site (don't recall how) and have been following it religiously 
(not insanely) ever since. I may have gone insane without it though. THANK YOU so much for helping me
to cope with the insanity...and laugh out loud on many an occasion ! You've also provided me with ample 
ammunition to shoot down rabid fascist dog barking points and I THANK YOU for that as well ! 

M'lady, Nicole K, just asked me what I wanted for my birthday in November and I asked for her 
to donate $25 to Bartcop radio (with her Visa card, which she did via the Bart-phone) and also buy 
an Obama "Chill" t-shirt from Hope you got it ! You damn well deserve that and more !

Third, I made a bet with you some time ago that if "She" won in 2008 then I would participate in the 
next BartcopPokerFest...or if the Rethugs stole it once again ( Koresh forbid ! ) then you might think 
about holding the next PokerFest here in the EU. I still hope to honor that bet, even though I believe 
that I stipulated "She" ;-)

Finally, I would like to make a prediction for the 2008 election...

McPain & Co., cornered, bloody and desperate, will deliver a last minute October surprise. 
It could be a "terrist" bomb but I believe the easiest option will be to finally give the Larry Sinclair 
the MSM megaphone...level the dirty accusation at the last minute when it will be too late to 
accurately refute it.   Larry is far from given up, and is even "taking it to the streets" with his own 
megaphone in one last ditch effort to derail Obama--- 

With that and the help of McPain's friends in the computer voting machine business, the FascistDogs 
should be able to bury Obama & Freedom 50.2% to 49.8%. I hope like hell I'm wrong ! 

Either way, I'm standing by BARTCOP and voting Obama (absentee ballot already sent ! )
THANKS again Bart...and sorry so long winded here but have to add...

Best regards,
Joe TwelvePack

Joe, thanks for that.

Larry Sinclair doesn't have much of a reputation.
When he did his National Press Club gig, his (male) lawyer wore a kilt.
When they asked him why, he said "Because my junk is so big I can't wear pants."
If his lawyer's that crazy, how sane can Sinclair be?

I'm the last guy you'll ever see about the Democrat's chances, but Obama would
have to run into his own personal Wall Street Meltdown to lose this, I think.

He's far enough ahead that the Diebold trick won't work, IMO.

BTW, why not put some of your music on YouTube?

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