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Subject: Re: Andrew Sullivan


What the hell HAPPENED to you? 
Evem Andrew Sullivan recognizes the Bush-like traits in Hillary: 

I have different standards than Andrew Sullivan.
My life does not evolve around destroying powerful Democratic women.

Do you realize Sullivan worked his ass off to get Bush elected?
He trashed Gore and Kerry as much as any troglodyte in the GOP.
Why is that self-hating, homosexual Facist dog your hero?

A refusal to accept the inevitable, the sociopathic tendency to use any means to stave off 
judgement day, to stoop to the lowest common denominater, to indict her lying eyes. 

ha ha
"to indict her lying eyes?"
Who said that - Peggy Noonan?

I take it you're an Obama fan?
And to you, everything is as clear as night and day?
And you can't figure out why everyone else doesn't think like you and Andrew Sullivan?

Andrew Sullivan doesn't like Obama - he just hates Hillary's f-ing guts. 
Like a lot of foaming-at-the-mouth dogs, he'd give a lung to harm Hillary.

I thought you had a shred of decency until you concluded that Geraldine Ferraro 
"obviously didn't mean to be racist". 

Lately, speaking the truth has become a problem in the Democratic Party.
Some in the Democratic party have taken "all Americans need to watch what they say" 
to levels that Ari Fleischer never approached or even considered.

What did she mean to be? Nobel Peace Prize Winner? 

Y'know, that's a borderline-retarded question to ask.
Why does winning make Obama backers so f-ing angry?

Tell you what - I'll give you 48 hours to line up a dozen friends and we can all  meet 
here Wednesday and you can all line up single-file and you can all blow me - deal?

Who the fuck made you the arbiter of decency?
Some Obama fans have this aura of superiority that ...resembles racism.
Have you even considered the possibility that you might be wrong?

Now Hillary thinks she's legit because she claims to represent the "hard working white people". 
And you accept this tactic. 

Obama claims the hard working black people, and that makes him a saint.
If Hillary claims the hard working white people, she's a disgusting, racist sinner?

You have proven to be just like the Republicans: The end justifies the means. 

You have proven you have no dick.

The Democratic Party should have kicked her out as soon as she endorsed McCain over Obama. 

So you've deluded yourself into thinking she's endorsed McCain?
You see what I mean?  One of us has lost his ability to see and think clearly.

Memo to all Obama backers:
Each time you scream, "Bush-like traits, sociopathic tendencies, lowest common denominater,
shred of decency, just like the Republicans," you're pushing away the allies Obama needs to win.

Why can't your brain figure that out?
You can't win without us, yet you continue to scream insults at us.

Here we are, trying to unite, and John F is throwing flaming torches at his old friends.

God, I'm glad I'm not you!
 John F

...that hurts, because I'd give anything to be you, John.

And to think of the YEARS you spent reading me and agreeing with me - that's sad.
I hope President Obama exceeds every wild-ass expectation of godhood you have of him
because Koresh knows you're a realist!

One last thing - this waaaaaaaaay out of control hyper-lust you have for Obama?
When he makes his first BIG mistake as president, I predict your illusions about him 
will shatter like glass and I hope you don't get too cut up in your inevitable bloody fall.

Obama and Hillary are two ambitious, power-hungry politicians who want to win.
You're taking this way too personal, son.

I suggest some cannibis therapy for your temper problem.

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