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'Just Imagine' A Night with John Lennon 
 at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas

Las Vegas – June 9, 2010 – Come celebrate the magical influence and life of John Lennon, 
starting Wednesday, June 30th at the Chi Showroom at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino, Las Vegas. 
‘Just Imagine’ will transport you through the extraordinary legacy that John Lennon left behind, 
with exceptional visuals and music. Nowhere else can you find true rock history that will throw you 
back into a memorable moment in time that will fascinate all ages, in a show unlike any other.

Tim Piper, who plays John Lennon, brilliantly intertwines Lennon's music and history, never losing 
sight of the message that Lennon represented. You'll be captivated and thrilled as you journey through 
Lennon's life, with Tim Piper and his incredibly talented  band, ‘Working Class Heroes’ featuring bassist
Greg Piper, keyboardist Morley Bartnoff, drummer, Don Poncher, and guitarist, Don Butler.

Directed by Steve Altman, ‘Just Imagine’ has everyone buzzing and is receiving some of the highest
reviews in the world of entertainment.  The Los Angeles Times gave the show their ‘Critics Choice Award’, 
KABC states ‘Tim Piper is John Lennon’ and remarks, ‘It is an Incredible Journey through 
the life and music of John Lennon.’.  Audience members of all ages are singing its praises.

Tickets start at $53 and are on sale at the Planet Hollywood Box Office and at all Ticketmaster locations, 
by phone at 1-800-745-3000 or online at For groups, please call 702-785-5394/866-633-0195. 
The show hits the stage for opening night, Wednesday, June 30, 2010 and will run every Tuesday through 
Saturday night this summer. Get your tickets now and remember, this is a chance for people who aren’t 
familiar with John Lennon’s life to say hello... and for those of us who grew up with him to say good-bye. 
For more information about the show, visit

Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino is the newest member of the Harrah’s entertainment family and is a 
full partner in Total Rewards™. The hottest property on the Las Vegas Strip with 2500 beautifully designed 
guest rooms and suites featuring the best views in town, Planet Hollywood encompasses over 100,000 square 
feet of gaming, fine dining restaurants including KOI and Strip House, an award-winning buffet, casual dining 
options including LA’s Pink’s Hot Dogs, lounges, Planet Hollywood Spa by Mandara, and is home to PEEPSHOW, 
starring Holly Madison, a sexy burlesque show with a modern sensibility. In 2010 the majestic PH Tower opened 
its doors adding 1100 beautifully appointed spacious suites and a hot new tropical pool. The property is encircled 
by Miracle Mile Shops with over 170 specialty stores and restaurants.  More information .

Press Contacts:
Jamie Nielsen-Langdon, Harrah’s Entertainment                       Francine Marseille, Just Imagine
(702) 794-3171 office                                                                   (702) 586-0260 office
(702) 423-3659 cell                                                                        (310) 738-0340 cell                                                         

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