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Subject: Larry Flynt?!

My, my, my.  Seems as though 'ol bartcop has descended a few rungs on the old
evolutionary ladder by providing us with Larry Flynt's fear-spewing Obama-hating link.

Serious charges have been made against a the newcomer by a credible source (Has Flynt
ever been wrong?) and you are critical of the site that asks if the charges are true?
So, it would be better if everyone just closed their eyes and trusted the new guy?


Thanks, but I know you meant that as an attack.

FYI - I don't know of a single Obama supporter who hates Hillary.

I don't know anyone in China who eats rice.
Does that mean nobody in China eats rice?

You must be peeking in all the wrong key holes. You used to have an amusing site but
Obama's got your knickers all twisted in a wad & he's scaring the bejesus right out of you.

No, a third Bush term is what scares me.

I've never seen such fear, paranoia & hate come from bartocop. what's up?

You want me to repeat the last sentence?

I think through the veil of your vitriol, you've lost sight of who the real enemy is.
 John in New Mexico

Right - the real enemy is Hillary - my mail tells me that every day.

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