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Subject: Hillary, not Obama


You have been fair throughout this entire nomination process.  You knew from
the beginning that we needed a fighter so you supported the frontrunner Clinton.  
All the defectors and haters that are no longer supporting you fail to recognize that 
you were actually right from the start, and IF Obama gets crushed by the GOP 
slime machine, I wonder how many will look back and say, "Damn, that bastard 
was right all along?"  

Gore ran a listless, lifeless campaign and then Kerry surrendered early.
We wanted a knife fighter and we got one, but then we changed our minds.
I hope we didn't trade the cow for the magic beans.

They will probably blame Hillary, but I think at some point, people will realize 
that it wasn't Hillary with the baggage, it was Obama.  

I watched CNN last night and saw Rev. Wright speaking, and I'm sorry, but
this guy is going to bury Obama.  I don't know how he thinks he's helping, but the 
guy is a nut, except to the far left.  I now understand how the democrats continue 
to fail to win the presidency.  They fail to understand middle america and white 
working class people.  I know you are a gun owner, and there are lots of democrats 
who are.  Obamas comments on clinging to guns and religion, and the Rev. Wright 
stuff show him to be an elitist who has longstanding ties to a pastor most people can't 
relate to.  It's not a racial problem, it's a philosophy and judgement problem.  

If you get a chance, watch the video.  Tell me how this will sell with most americans.  
Obama was listening to this guy for 20 years.  That scares me - and I'm a liberal.

John K,

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